Saturday, February 26, 2011

senior pictures

I've never been to purchase senior pictures.

As my son is a high school senior this year, we are looking to follow the trend and get some nice photos done of him. I have enlisted a homeschooled girl who is going to do the photo shoot. We are looking for the right location now. Today I think I found some parks close to home that will work out really nicely.

That I'd like to see.

Senior Year: A Photo Album, Journal, and Scrapbook All in One

tea tree oil shampoo

I've never been to buy tea tree oil shampoo.

I was told that it would work well on my daughter's dandruff. When we looked for some, I think it smelled too strongly for her. I did find a brand name shampoo that contains the tea tree oil so we went with that. Thankfully it seems to work fine. Tea tree oil also has other benefits, including acne treatment, lice and warts.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

urgent care clinic

I've never been to an urgent care clinic.

I learned today that there is one nearby that offers walk in patient services including wart removal, sports physicals, sprains and strains, sore throats and ear infections, and other general family and  even gynecological  services.

That I'd like to see.

graduation tassels

I've never been to buy graduation tassels.

I was looking around tonight for a way to order just one tassel. I did find some places that sell them pretty affordably. However, I was thrilled when I learned that you can make your own tassels. I have not given it a try yet, but I found instructions online that make it sound easy enough. I bookmarked a couple of sites and may have to use my epson printers to print out the directions; I really hope that I will be able to make a nice tassel for my son's senior photos!

 That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chillin' Time

I had never been to  Chillin' Time before.

I thought I'd heard of it, but today saw the sign for it. They advertise all natural frozen yogurt. Of course I wanted to try it. While they do offer some standard ice cream and toppings, they also offer Only 8 frozen yogurt (all natural with only eight ingredients.) You can get fruit and fruit puree toppings as well. A little fun in a more healthy way!

That I'd like to see.

wedding ring replacement

I've never been to get a wedding ring replacement.

Although my husband is on his third wedding band, I still have my original engagement ring and wedding band set. They are small, but as a 19 year old, it's all my husband could afford. And I love it. If I were to replace it I would not be against  looking at the cubic zirconia engagement rings and bands, but I think I would probably prefer to keep my original anyway.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I've never been to Picnik.

My friend said this website makes it easy to edit photos. She said it was even easy to make a photo collage by clicking and dragging. And even better, Picnik offers some of their services for free with the option to upgrade to a premium program. I guess I better check it out. Maybe I'll have some fun photos to share soon.

That I'd like to see.

day spa

I've never been to a day spa.

I am not sure if I would even like to go to a day spa. I won't deny that I might could benefit from spending a day or so at one. But I don't like massages and I'd just as soon use over the counter products like dermitage or Garnier or even home made wrinkle removers.  So while many like the pampering of a day spa, I think I'll save my money.

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Malaysian cocoa farm

I've never been to a Malaysian cocoa farm.

I saw on television how chocolate is made. I learned that one of the largest producers of chocolate, outside South America, is Malaysia. I was surprised. And I think the farm shown on the program is located in Johor Bahru, which is just across the causeway from Singapore. When we ever make it back to Singapore, I am hopeful that we will be able to visit the Malaysian cocoa farm.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been to get a tattoo.

It seems as if getting a tattoo is a real cultural fad in today's society. I am really not sure why. I don't understand the attraction of it and I doubt that most American's get tattoos for religious reasons or for cultural symbols. It seems that today's younger generation are getting tattoos to memorialize a loved one, for "artistic" reasons, or just for fun. It makes me wonder just how many are going to be candidates for tattoo removal in twenty to fifty years.

That I'd like to see.

turn it in

I've never been to

This site was developed to help students and professors. It is a place for students to turn in papers to be scanned for plagiarism. The site scans the paper, making it easier for professors to catch plagiarism. By submitting their papers here, hopefully plagiarism is avoided in the first place. Turn it in also aids the professor in grading and commenting on the paper. It seems like a great solution for both the students and professors.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

NFL playoff game

I've never been to a NFL playoff game.

I can only imagine the intense atmosphere and screaming fans.  I know it would be an experience I would never forget.  But many of us don't have the money to take our families, or even ourselves to an expensive playoff game, no matter how exciting it promises to be.  So, perhaps there is another way to give your family member, friend, or child, just a small bit of that excitement.  You can get now look into getting them personalized footballswhich could make any child's day light up like he just walked into the stadium for his first big game.

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gator Ride

I've never been to the Gator Ride.

This Saturday cycling event benefits the YMCA in Baytown, TX. There are a variety of routes offered, ranging from 33 to 63 miles. Two of the routes go over the Fred Hartman Bridge and two avoid the bridge. There is also a 6.3 mile family bike ride the same day. This year's event takes place March 5. I hope March does not "come in like a lion"!

 That I'd like to see.

The Source

I've never been to The Source.

This is an online electronics store. It looks like they carry most any electronic folks could want. You will find mp3 players, gps devices, cameras, toys and games, touch screen computers and a variety of gateway desktops. I noticed that they even have a clearance outlet.

That I'd like to see.