Saturday, November 27, 2010

ABC Distributing

I had never been to ABC Distributing before.

But this month, I used their site to order Christmas gifts for family members with whom we celebrated early. The gifts ordered were delivered very quickly. They turned out to be nicer looking than I had expected-these were not the junky gifts you might get when ordering from other online sites. I am glad that I did open each gift to look at them, as one was missing a piece. When I called to explain, they were very nice and replaced the entire set. Although the item did not make it in time, I was able to keep the first product to have as a "temporary gift" until it could be replaced with the in tact one. I was really impressed with the service and quality from ABC.

 That I'd like to see.

Black Friday Sales

I've never been to Black Friday Sales.

My mother in law went one year and said it was ridiculously crazy and not worth it. I've taken heed and never ventured out for the early morning day after Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. Since our dishwasher went out on Wed. night, we did think about going out to look for one on Black Friday sale. But when we woke up Friday morning with dark circles around eyes and gave it a second thought, we decided to wait! I have since found out that there is a state rebate plan going on in December for those who purchase qualifying appliances. Hopefully we'll be able to find one with a good deal then.

 That I'd like to see.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Moody Gardens Festival of Lights

I've never been to Moody Gardens Festival of Lights.

Going on now through January 1, Moody Gardens has lit up the bay in true Gulf Coast Christmas style. The festival includes a mile long trail of lights, 100 sound enhanced animated displays and a Snow Zone for kids. Photos with Santa are offered as well as the chance to see Christmas themed films and shows. Food Drive Fridays allow 2-for-1 priced admission with a can of food for the food bank.

 That I'd like to see.

tea tree oil uses

I've never been to read about tea tree oil uses.

I have heard different tea tree oil uses over the years. Some people recommend it for fighting dandruff, I've heard it is used to treat lice, and can be used as first aid treatment on cuts and burns. I am now hearing it is also effective in treating acne. There are several teens I know who would say....

That I'd like to see.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ironman Arizona

I've never been to Ironman Arizona.

But if things go as planned, I just might be watching my husband do this race next year! This time next year, Thanksgiving week, my husband is wanting to do the full Ironman course in Tempe, AZ. Of course his ultimate dream is the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii, but hopefully this is just a step towards that goal.

That I'd like to see.

Tristan De Cunha Island

I've never been to Tristan De Cunha Island.

This is one of the remotest places on Earth. It is a British Dependency with only about 300 inhabitants.  I am guessing that these folks are not concerned with the trivial worries many in the U.S. are (like finding the best acne products.) While there is no airport and transportation to the island is only by boat, there is a golf course there!

 That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Parade volunteer

I've never been to volunteer at the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

I guess I never realized how many volunteer opportunities there are available there. From being an usher in the reserved seating area, to carrying balloons and banners, to parade marshal, there are many things for volunteers to do. Parade volunteers get free parking, free t-shirts, and free breakfast.

That I'd like to see.

top cigars

I've never been to buy cigars.

Once while visiting in Mexico, my husband was offered a deal to purchase some "good cigars". Now I am guessing these were not necessarily the top cigar brands available, though the guy selling them was awfully proud of them-or would have been proud to take my husband's money for them. At any rate, since we don't smoke, we left without buying any. Maybe someone else bought the guy's cigars.

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trooper School

I've never been to Trooper School.

When I asked my friend where her four year old twins are going to school, she told me the local high school! They have a program there called "Trooper School" where junior and senior level high school students who are learning to be teachers actually teach a pre-school three days a week. I am sure the students' teachers are in there with them, but this seems to be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Parents save a little money as the school costs about half of what a regular pre-school costs. The high school students get lots of hands-on training (the days they don't teach they are preparing lessons), and of course the pre-schoolers love the teens! There is a very long waiting list for Trooper School. It seems like a good thing for the whole community.

 That I'd like to see.

I've never been on a cruise ship

I've never been on a cruise ship.

 I will get the chance to go on my first one this coming thursday.  I am so excited.  I know that all the other people who are planning to go on this cruise have probably spent the last month in the gym, because everyone wants to look good on a cruise.  And with all the free food available, most everyone will be in the gym when they get back, too!  But there are weight loss products that are seemingly more effective then long, tiring gym visits.  Take a look at this one, it could help you shed weight quickly and change your life around.

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

cardless checkin

I've never been to a gym that used cardless checkin.

But recently, our 24 Hour Fitness Clubs began using a cardless checkin program. You use an id number, like a phone number, and then scan your index finger. Now this seems a little "Big Brother" to me, so I checked out what the company has to say about it. According to their website, your actual fingerprint is not kept on file. Using biomechnic techniques, they scan distinct points on your fingerprint that are unique to you.  Then an id number is devised based on those distances of your print. They keep no fingerprints on file nor can your print be replicated.

 That I'd like to see.

*to read what they have to say about it, check their website:

Funeral Plans

I've never been to buy a funeral plan...

and I hope I won't have to for a long time to come. But sadly, many of us find this a necessity at some time or another. And since it is something that must be done, it makes sense to do it in an orderly and effective method. There are companies whose only job is to help you set up your funeral plans. This is a helpful idea that is meant to help you achieve what you could not do on your own in your time of need.

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

nursing home carnival

I had never been to a nursing home carnival.

Until last Sunday. The local nursing home has hosted a Halloween carnival for the community for several years, but I had never attended. It is a well supported event and great for the community and residents alike. There was a fire truck, a moon walk, carnival games, popcorn, nachos and snow cones, all for free. And of course many of the residents were outside in costume handing out candy to the young Trick or Treaters. This brought joy to young and old alike!

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

medical device depot

I've never been to Medical Device Depot.

While I have no need of medical devices, it is always good to know that there are places where these devices can be purchased. It is something I really never actually thought about, but it is important that clinics and hospitals be equipped with the proper supplies. And so when time comes to furnish medical equipment like bovie electrosurgical generators, ambulatory BP monitors, centrifuges, defibrillators and the many other supplies that patients can take for granted, it's good to know where to go!

That I'd like to see.

Our Town

I've never been to see Our Town.

Ever since I read the script I've wanted to see this enduring classic. I really like how the script calls for the set to be done and how the stage manager narrates the show. I am on my way now out the door to see a local production. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

That I'd like to see.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I've never been to Hawaii.

Hawaii sounds like such a beautiful, fun place to visit. I have always dreamt of laying on the beaches watching the beautiful sunset in Hawaii. But, of course, it costs just a little too much than I can afford. I have always wondered what Hawaii weather is like. I'm sure it must be very hot there. But, there is a good solution to the heat. Use a reliable fan, like the Hunter ceiling fans, and you can stay nice and cool on your vacation!

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hosted short term mission trip

I've never been on a hosted short term mission trip.

While I have been on several mission trips, I've never been part of a team that was hosted/led by an outside group. There are several who support just such trips from college aged teams to multi-generational family groups. I think this would be a good way to go, as the housing and meal arrangements are all lined out ahead of time and the group can focus on the mission work to be done.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been to purchase an iPad.

But we are considering getting one for our son for his high school graduation next summer. As soon as the iPad came out, that is what I wanted to do. My husband likes the idea, but also liked the idea of waiting till the Pad had been out at least a year. He says that is a better time to buy them, rather than when they are first released. We will also have to be sure to check into getting an ipad warranty to go along with the purchase. We want to make sure everything works just right with it when our son goes to college.

That I'd like to see.