Saturday, September 7, 2013

Seabrook Running Trails

I had never been to the Seabrook Running Trails before.

So on my day off yesterday, I set out to give them a try. I knew before hand from reading a bit on the internet where I wanted to park (Pine Gully Park) and I also knew that part of the trails were closed for flood redistribution work.

So when I got there I proceeded into Pine Gully Park but was stopped by a man in the guard shack telling me I would have to pay if I wanted to park there. I told him I was just looking for a place to park to run on the trails. He told me to park by the nearby cemetery. I did not as a sign stated "No Parking". So I back tracked a bit to another small parking area near the part of the trail that was closed off. I talked to a guy who stopped for a moment and told me he thought the closed trails should have already been opened up, but unsure how much longer they would be closed.

After I ventured a way back and forth on the trail, I realized that I actually had been on part of the trail before with my nephews.

The trails themselves are very flat with very few places going through wooded areas (though I have no idea what the closed off portions are like.) In all I ran about an hour and completely covered the trails back and forth, except for the frisbee golf section. It's not a bad run, though not sure it's worth the drive over.

I may try it again sometime when the other section opens back up. Definitely a good break from pavement running. And one of these years I just might try the Lucky Trails half marathon.

 That I'd like to see.

Software Security Solutions

I've never been to Software Security Solutions.

But I came across this site today that offers some security solutions for your computer or Android phone. They offer security software from free "reactive only" to the layered Avira Business Edition which works perfectly with networks. They state you do not have to be an IT expert to be able to utilize their software.

That I'd like to see.