Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hotel Reservations

I've never been to take the kids on a vacation this year.

Well, we did go camping one weekend earlier this spring, but since my husband and I took our cruise alone without the kids, I feel like I want to take them somewhere before we get back into the school year routine. It's just one of those mom things I guess. One more little summer fling before the whirlwind hits!

But just where to go? There are so many places I'd like to take them. Sometimes I like to just look around to see what all is offered and where I can get the best deals. I love to search the internet for ideas, but I am big on getting the best deals around!

One of these online places is Hotel Reservations. Here I can get all the information I need right at my fingertips. I can find out all sorts of vacation packages, hotel and motel prices. I can locate condos and resorts and many other vacation rentals. This is a great place to use as a springboard for vacation ideas.

I've booked hotel reservations using this site before. They are competitive in their prices, offering great prices and rates. They have even provided coupons for my next hotel reservation!

This site is now running a summer gas rebate program. So stop by here, check out their road trip destinations and deals, and save money on gas too!

One of the best things about hotel reservations is their rebate program. They guarantee that their online rates are the best around, and offer rebates to boot. These rebates increase the longer you stay. And if you find a cheaper rate after making your reservation, simply contact them within 24 hours and they will either match the lower price or cancel the reservation with no fee.

That I'd like to see.

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Jellystone Park Campground

I've never been to Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Campground.

There is one half an hour away from us. They offer tent camping, RV camping as well as a number of cabins. There is a large pool along with a water park. There is volleyball and basketball and ice cream socials. Fishing for patrons is free in the fishing pond, or walk the nature trails, or enjoy mini-golf. It seems this campground is a great family getaway.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been to Splashtown.

Although it is located only about an hour away, I've never visited this water park. It was recently sold from under the Six Flags name before opening for the 2007 season. This park has many water attractions for both young and old. It seems the biggest attraction, and one I've seen from the highway, is the Tornado in which you go down a huge funnel shaped water slide. You can also enjoy many other rides including Thunder Run, Texas Freefall, Big Spin and the Zoom Flumes. For the kids there is a wave pool, an activity pool and an adventure tree house. Discount tickets are available at Kroger and Fiesta.

That I'd like to see.

Online Education

I've never been to an Online University before.

In today's society, many people are turning to e learning as a source of getting a degree. Online education is a great alternative for so many folks. Those who need to work and finish school at the same time, especially at non-traditional hours. Those who have a family and need to stay home with their children. Those who are pursuing a higher degree but need to continue to work. E learning offers an educational option not offered until recently.

Capella University, a leading online university, has just added some new degree programs to their repertoire of offerings. New this year is a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety. There are also eight new specializations in the fields of psychology, education, information technology, business, and criminal justice. The enrollment for these programs are open and are among the leading options in their fields. The new offerings for the degrees in public safety make Capella one of only a few online universities to offer a BS, MS and PhD in public safety.

That I'd like to see.

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Schlitterbahn South Padre

I've never been to Schlitterbahn South Padre.

This adventure water park is located at the tip of South Padre Island. The Rio Adventura takes you around the park from ride to ride without having to ever leave the water. There are four water coasters to enjoy, even one going uphill! You can explore a giant sandcastle, stroll the boardwalk and enjoy the white sandy beaches. You can even check out the largest man made wave in the USA.

That I'd like to see.

Homeschoolzoo blogs

I had never been to Homeschoolzoo's blogs before.

I saw that she's got many interesting blogs to peruse and found myself out of time before I could finish reading through her previous postings. She is a smart, busy lady who has come through some tough times and is willing to share what she has learned with others.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been to buy gold.

I just celebrated my twentieth wedding anniversary, and my gold bands are a bit disfigured. They have lost their round shape and are more of an oval shape with a few curves in between. They no longer match up perfectly. I think this is probably more representative of a real marriage than perfectly round shaped rings.

If you are looking to buy gold other than wedding bands, Monex Precious Metals may be the place for you to shop. The beauty of gold throughout the centuries has been one of the best ways to preserve wealth and buying power. Gold also has the ability to diversify your investments. Gold has long been fascinating for mankind and has often been viewed as having the power to change one's life.

Perhaps if you are looking for a unique and powerful gift, for an anniversary, birthday or any other precious occasion, check Monex's up to the minute pricing charts.

That I'd like to see.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chichen Itza

I've never been to Chichen Itza.

It is another site of Mayan ruins on the Yucatan pennisula. This site is a world-famous archeological site. Here you can learn more of the legendary Mayan culture. This people are incredible in their mathematical skills and their stone masonry. They were building precise structures at a time when most of the known world was in the dark ages. Chichen Itza has recently been named one of the new seven wonders of the modern world.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been to Tulum.

This is a great site to view Mayan ruins. Here you can see the incredible knowledge that was present in the Mayan culture. They were known to build their temples so that the sun at equinox would shine straight through. At Tulum you can learn about the Mayan calendar and the way in which they kept track of days. Tulum is the only Mayan site built next to the ocean.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, July 23, 2007

BP-Whiting, Michigan

I've never been to BP-Whiting, Michigan.

Lately, BP in Whiting, MI has released a statement in response to an article posted in the Chicago Tribune. BP feels that the article left out some important factors that the company has committed to. I know there are many people who are concerned with the impact these kinds of plants have on our environment, not only today, but the long reaching effects.

Here are some of the facts that BP wants to share with the general public in response to the article printed in the Chicago Tribune.

1. They are only releasing treated water (99.9%) into Lake Michigan
2. They are remaining within legal limits of the amount of ammonia discharged (less than half the government standards)
3. They are following the laws and standards set by the federal government and the state in protecting human and aquatic life
4. They are continuing to improve their impact on the environment; they reduced total suspended solids by 40%
5. They use modern technology
6. They continue to work with local, state and federal elected officials to develop environmentally sound plans
7. They provide fuel for the Midwest
8. They provide jobs
9. They have served the community for 117 years

There is much debate on what these type of refineries are doing to our planet, now and in the long run. I know that there are still many who would say perhaps this is not enough to help maintain our environment. But perhaps BP taking steps to commit to helping reduce the impact of its factory on the earth will result in greater steps being taken by them as well as other refineries in the future.

That I'd like to see.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Roatan, Honduras

I've never been to Roatan, Honduras.

But I am going there next week!

Turquoise water, sandy white beaches, coral reefs, an array of fish, tropical plants and trees, gorgeous sunsets...

Roatan is a small island off the coast of Honduras. It looks to be a beautiful island. The biggest draw, besides the natural beauty, seems to be diving and snorkeling. We intend to take a "discover scuba" course to see some of the beauty of the reefs off the island. (I can hardly wait!) Another thing I like is that all divers in the Sandy Bay West End Park are required to purchase a diving tag. 100% of proceeds go to the conservation efforts of the marine park.

That I'd like to see.

Costa Maya

I've never been to Costa Maya.

I will be there next week!

This port seems to be a stretch of land bought by the cruise ship companies and turned into a tourist stop for the ships. There is a man made lagoon area and some shopping. It seems not much else is there, as this area only recently got electricity. It sounds like a very poor area, which will before long, be built up by the tourist industry.

It is a beautiful land filled with beautiful people. Many of these people may even travel up to five hours just to hawk their wares to the cruise ship patrons. This town has been compared to Cancun thirty years ago.

That I'd like to see.

Student Trips

I've never been on a student trip.

I know many students take trips with their high schools, colleges, and even jr high and elementary schools these days. I wonder how they are able to pay for all their excursions. Perhaps they take enough cash or travelers checks. Do any of them, especially the older ones, take credit cards?

When looking for the right Credit Cards For Students, it can sometimes get a little tricky. If the student is going to be traveling, using a credit card may be a little easier to keep up with than cash or traveler's checks.

It is important to do a search to find just the right credit card for students. Finding cards with 0% APR, no annual fees, flexible rewards and incentive programs can be a real must for student's cards.

That I'd like to see.

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Freeport Bahamas

I've never been to Freeport, Bahamas.

There you can spend your days lazing on the beautiful beaches. Once you are rested up you can snorkel or take a "dive in a day" class and learn to scuba dive. You can explore the island, caves and take advantage of all the water sports offered-jet skis, banana boats, diving, swimming. There is a market to fill all your shopping needs. You can find restaraunts and night life to top it all off.

That I'd like to see.

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Discovery Cruise Line

I've never been on the Discovery Cruise Line.

This is a ferry cruise that leaves daily from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Grand Bahama Island. You can enjoy the five hour cruise by swimming, entertainment such as bingo, gaming and other cruise ship favorites. You can opt to have meals onboard and even rent a cabin. You can go to the island and return on the same day or you can choose a cruise and hotel package to stay longer to enjoy the pleasures of the island.

That I'd like to see.

Universal Studios Orlando

I've never been to Universal Studios in Orlando.

My son's friend went there this month on vacation. I can't wait to hear about it. Here you can find fast rides and get behind the scenes of your favorite movie and TV shows. Look for the Amazing Adventures of Spider Man 3D adventure ride.

Next time we go to Orlando, which we plan to do late next year, I will be sure to check on tickets for this amusement park.

With orlandofuntickets.com, I can purchase my Walt Disney World Ticket's, Universal Studios, Sea World, and other dinner and attraction tickets all at one place!

That I'd like to see.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cruise Ship

I've never been on a cruise ship.

But this time next week, I will be at sea on a celebratory excursion. We will make four ports of call in Mexico and Honduras: Cozumel, Roatan, Costa Maya, and Progreso. We will celebrate our 20 anniversary together on the Rhapsody of the Sea. I can hardly imagine the fun and relaxation awaiting us. Sea, sun, surf...

That I'd like to see.

Clearly Enlight's Travel Blog

I had never been to Clearly Enlight's travel blog before yesterday.

What an incredible blog he has going there. The pictures are lovely and make me want to pack up and go. CE's travel blog also let me in on the fact that he has lived many places, but most incredible of all is the fact that he is beginning to arrange his life in order to stop working in October. He then will spend a month in preparation for his upcoming transition to world travel. He plans to spend the next four to seven years traveling the world! That is one blog that I will be looking forward to reading!

That I'd like to see.

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New Year's Eve in Sydney

I've never been to see the fireworks on New Year's Eve in Sydney.

Now is the time to start planning your New Year's Eve in Syndney, Australia. It would be awesome to usher in the New Year at the New Year's Capital of the World. Standing at one of the vantage points around Syndey Harbour taking in the magficent view of an astounding firework show would be amazing!

When booking arrangements for this trip, be sure to check out all the Sydney Hotel information you need all in one place. You can check out and compare all the best deals and specials for hotels in Syndey , including last minute specials. You can compare hotels and guest houses to find the best Sydney Hotels to suit your travel needs.

That I'd like to see.

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Friday, July 6, 2007

The Resources Center

I'd never been to The Resources Center before.

This site is filled with "resources for life, business and education." You can find all the tips you need to help with things from summer activities with the kids to college budgeting, from financial health to shopping for autos online. This is a great resource page to check out.

That I'd like to see.

Kenya Safari

I've never been on a Kenya Safari.

As a child, I read books about Africa and dreamed of one day taking a safari. On a Kenyan Safari, you can see many animals, including lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants and rhinos. These will most assuradly be spotted in the Masai Mara National Reserve, along with wildebeests and zebras who migrate here from the neighboring Serengetti Plain. Some safaris also include Masai villages which allow you to interact with local cattle herders.

Other Kenyan Safari options include the Samburu Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, and Lake Nakuru National Park. Most Kenya Safaris will traverse through the capitol city of Nairobi. Here you can see the city which flourished through the 1900's after its railroad was built to the Indian Ocean. You can also visit the nearby farm of "Out Of Africa" author Karen Blixen.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I've never been to Bombay.

Bombay is a great place for unique furniture and home furnishings. There is not a store near me, but I can browse all their selection, as well as shop, online at Bombay.com. There are tables, dressers, curtains, lighting, bedding and all sorts of accessories.

And now, with jj9.com I can find ways to save money on my next Bombay purchase. At this site, they offer some of the best Bombay coupon deals . There I can find the Bombay Company Clearance Sale, or save 50% off of select orders. There are coupons to save $20 off a $150 order, or even better, FREE shipping off a $100 order.
And right now, I can check out their sizzling summer sale.

This is a great way to shop at your favorite stores and save some money at the same time. Coupons and offers are updated daily. This site makes it easy to find great deals on the web.

So if your next shopping spree is an online one, be sure to check out all the great coupon codes and offers for your favorite online stores. There are over 500 from which to choose!

That I'd like to see.

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I've never been to Mumbai.

This is the now official name of what was formerly called Bombay. It is located on India's Western coast and is home to 18 million people. This port city handles over half of India's passenger traffic and a substanitial amount of cargo.

In Mumbai, you can view the ancient traditions as well as the colonial influence, as seen in the architecture of different buildings. You can see the Bombay High Court and the Martyr's Crossroads. Visit the famous landmark, Haji Ali Dargah, the Hirandani Gardens next to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. You may even get to see a local festival. The world's largest domed IMAX theater is also located here.

That I'd like to see.

Just Not Martha

I've never been to Just Not Martha before.

I just found this site today. And I have to say it's tag line was just what I needed today. Feeling like the imperfect mother, I found Just Not Martha say that "perfect is boring"! I guess I chose the right place to venture today! :)

I really like JNM's blog site, the colors and the header, as well as the tagline, are catchy and just invite you in. I like all her tips and ideas she shares here. I also like that she shares what she doesn't like about things as well. Hey, no one's perfect, and it's OK! She grants us all permission to be ourselves, even if we are Just Not Martha!

That I'd like to see.

1929 Hotel Singapore

I've never been to the 1929 Hotel Singapore.

Though I have been to Singapore numerous times, I've only spent a couple of nights in a hotel there. I have not ever stayed in the 1929 Hotel Singapore.

This hotel has brought together the old and the new in Singapore. Here you can find pre-war shops which contrasts with the more common glass and concrete hotels in the area. The rooms are completely modernized with flat screen TVs. The in-house restaraunt offers both quality and style. There is also a Jacuzzi available for patron's leisure.

In looking for the best hotels in Singapore , it is easy to find all the information I need. I can check availability and rates. I can see what amenities each of the hotels in Singapore has to offer, choosing the one that will best suit my needs. Often, when looking for hotels, it can be confusing when dealing with different monetary values. At this site, when looking for hotels in Singapore I can be sure that I am seeing the rates offered in US dollars.

This site is quick, easy and convenient to use.

That I'd like to see.

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I've never been to Transylvania.

Of course, the first thing everyone wants to do is tour Dracula's castle. There are many tour packages from which to pick. You can take day trips to Brasov, Bucharest, Sibiu or Tulcea. Visit Bran Castle (Dracula's castle), the History Museum, and the fortress of Dracula's grandfather.

The Classic Dracula Tour offers a seven day itinerary including a "Jonathan Harker Dinner" at the Count Dracula's Club, lunch at the Golden Crown Hotel, a drive through Borgo Pass and accomodations at Castle Dracula. Other stops include history related to Vlad Tepes (the historical Dracula).

That I'd like to see.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

I've never been to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This city, founded in 1521 by Ponce De Leon, is the oldest city in U.S. Territory. The capital of Puerto Rico boasts more than one-third of the island's citizens. San Juan offers much to see and do. Travelers are drawn year round to the beautiful beaches, art galleries, and wonderful restaraunts. Old San Juan offers beautifully restored historic sites and views of crashing surf. Day trips from San Juan include beaches, coral reefs, rainforest and caves.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Disneyland Paris

I've never been to Disneyland Paris.

The attractions closely resemble those in Disneyland, California. There are a few differences. Sleeping Beauty's castle had to have some scrutinization, coming to a continent on which castles have existed for hundreds of years. In this chateau, there is a 27 metre audio-animatronic dragon, the largest animatronic ever built. Space Mountain is different in Paris as well. It was originally built to house a Jules Verne type attraction, but budget cuts didn't allow for all that was envisioned. It was the first Space Mountain with on-board (SOBAT) music.

Of course Disneyland Paris has much to offer the die-hard Disney fan. You can find Snow White's Scary Adventure, Peter Pan, Small World, Dumbo, the carousel, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Swiss Family's treehouse among the many attractions here.

Finding Paris Disneyland Hotels has never been easier. You can find all you need at one website. You can look for cheap hotels in France , you can find one to five star hotels. You can search last minute deals and specials. Paris Disneyland Hotels are a great place to stay. They are comfortable, family-friendly hotels, only 7 kilometers from Disneyland Paris and 40 kilometers from downtown Paris. Hotels in Paris can provide a great lodging option to your Disneyland Paris vacation.

That I'd like to see.

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Sunday, July 1, 2007


I've never been to Broadway.

I would love to take my kids to see a show on Broadway. They, as well as my husband, have been involved in local community theater. We have seen some great shows put on by Broadway Across America including Beauty and the Beast and Lion King . We love the magic of the theater, and to be able to see these fabulous productions on Broadway would only enhance the experience. To see a show like Wicked on Broadway would be a thrill.

Often, tickets to these shows sell out very quickly. To be able to purchase sold out tickets to a Broadway show,

That I'd like to see.

Where The Continents Meet

I'd never been to Where The Continents Meet before today .

This blogger writes about where two continents meet, Istanbul, Turkey. I really like his blog set up, the color scheme and the layout. But even more interesting are the tidbits he includes about this fascinating area. My favorite things he includes on his blog are the photos, the interviews with other bloggers from other areas of the world, and the news articles pertaining to his area of the world. Nice set up. Where Two Continents Meet.

That I'd like to see.