Monday, December 28, 2009

South Texas Foot Clinic

I had never been to South Texas Foot clinic before.

I had an appointment today. When I first called to make the appointment, I was surprised at how friendly the office staff were on the phone. That is unusual in health care these days! And today at the actual appointment, everyone was very nice and helpful. All three of the front desk girls, the nurse and the doctor were all very friendly! I made sure to tell them so. This is one health care reform...

That I'd like to see.

Houston Job Fair

I've never been to the Houston Job Fair.

You can register online for the Jan. 18, 2010 Houston Job Fair. If you are tired of trudging all over town to do your sales job search, maybe you can attend the job fair and meet the companies who are hiring face to face! The job fair will be held at the Hilton Houston, Hobby Airport from 11am-2pm. Registering your resume online gives you free access to the company list and by adding your resume you get your name in front of the companies attending! If you can't make the job fair in January, there is one nearly every month of the upcoming year!

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Olympic distance triathlon

I've never been to an Olympic distance triathlon.

My husband signed himself and me both up for an Olympic distance triathlon next April. The distances are .93 mile swim, 25 mile bike ride, and 6 mile run. At one point not too many months ago I would have said I was almost ready for such a race. (Mind you, I am not racing, but for lack of a better term…) But now trying to recover from plantar fasciitis, I just don’t know. I can do a mile swim, though I’ve only done so in a pool (yes, this swim is in the bay again!) I was working up to the bike ride and know that I could do the 25 mile, though pretty slowly. I had done pretty good on the running until my injury. So if all else fails, I can do a run/walk come April. I may be slow but I intend to finish!!

That I'd like to see.

identity theft protection

I've never been to purchase identity theft protection.

In thinking about travel, both domestically and internationally, it might not be a bad idea. I have a friend who had items stolen from a hotel in Texas. It can cause a really bad scenario to have your identity stolen. Having protection can bring a peace of mind any time you travel.

That I'd like to see.

expedite a passport

I've never been to expedite a passport.

I just found out that we will be traveling overseas in about 6 weeks. Thankfully I pulled out my passport for the number to book airline tickets. That is when I noticed it expires in four months. This is not really enough time left on it to travel overseas. I will be going in the morning to have it renewed. I am not sure yet whether it is worth it to have it expedited or not. My friend told me per the passport office that non-expedited passports are taking four weeks while expedited ones take three! To me that does not make it worth the extra money. I just want to make sure it's here in time!

That I'd like to see.

Friday, December 11, 2009

NCAA volleyball tournamentNCAA volleyball tournament

I've never been to a NCAA volleyball tournament.

My daughter came across tickets this week to the tournament in Omaha, NE. The tournament starts Friday Dec. 12 with practices on Thursday and Friday. The practices on Thurs. are open to the public. Friday's practices are closed. The first game is Friday evening and the last game is Saturday night. The gals are the best in their regions (I'm sure they don't need any fat burners!) and the winners of this tournament move on to next weekend's finals in Tampa, FL. Unfortunately, it did not work out for us to drive the 15 hours to Omaha. But I am hoping next year that we can make it to one of the NCAA volleyball tournaments.

That I'd like to see.

redeem frequent flyer miles

I've never been to redeem frequent flyer miles.

I looked into it last night. After talking with a friend, I thought that we might have some points saved up and we do! I looked into booking a flight for today. I could do it but would have to pay $150 since it was within three days of departure. If you book 4-7 before departure then it costs $100. Booking 8-20 days out costs $75. But if you book at least 21 days out then you can use your points without having to spend the extra cash. I also found out that these points will expire in 2011. This is something I had not thought of since I had never tried to redeem points before. So in the future, I am going to try to plan a trip at least 21 days from departure and use my frequent flyer miles!

That I'd like to see.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Chronicles of Narnia Exhibit

I had never been to The Chronicles of Narnia Exhibit.

Though I have long wished of getting into Narnia! The exhibit is as close as I've been able to come. Last Monday we began our journey at the attic. First you see a small collection of some of C.S. Lewis' books and things. Then, the doors to the attic open. You find yourself in a small room with stained glass. You can hear the thunderstorm and see the rain dripping down the panes. And of course in front of you is the Wardrobe. As the doors to the wardrobe swung open I began tearing up...

I loved walking through the wardrobe doors between the fur coats (though in my imagination it would have been a bit different.) Seeing the lamppost with the snow falling down was the epitome of stepping into Narnia. Though I never saw a funny little creature with a red scarf carrying an umbrella and packages....

The exhibit is mostly filled with things from the movie. It is interesting and I enjoyed seeing the items like the White Witch's robe and ice crowns. The cold throne was fun for the kids. I enjoyed learning how Lewis had read Einstein's ideas to weave the passing of time throughout his stories. The kids got to see a catapult demonstration and find out how heavy armor might have been. I enjoyed walking under the swords of the centaurs up to the throne. There were some fun things to see. It was definitely worth the group price of $5 per person. As for the regular price of $25 per person, I think it is a bit steep for the collection (or any exhibit for that matter!) It is a fun exhibit for any Narnia enthusiast to view.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been a tutor before.

Now, I am helping a young girl with some math concepts that she has been struggling with. I am no great mathematician. In fact, if you ever told me that I would be tutoring math, I would have laughed! The real reason I am doing it though is because I have some good hands-on curriculum that I use. I particularly like it because it has color coded math tiles or blocks. The girl I am helping seems to like the blocks too. It helps to see it visually and to get your hands on it. I am hoping this will give her the confidence and understanding she needs.

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Forgotten Gateway

I've never been to the Forgotten Gateway exhibit.

This exhibit is all about the immigration that came through Galveston, TX earlier in the last century. It was an important immigration entry even before Ellis Island. The exhibit explores the impact immigration had on the South and Western parts of the US. It is located at Moody Gardens in Galveston through September 2010.

That I'd like to see.

Black Friday Sale

I've never been to a Black Friday sale.

My mother-in-law went twice and said she'd never do it again. It was a bad bad experience both times. As for me, the crowds and craziness are not worth it. There were no deals that I saw good enough to stay up all night or go shopping at 4 am. They would have to be some incredibly dirt cheap never heard of before prices to get me up and out in that mess!

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zumba class

I've never been to Zumba class.

Our 24 Hour Fitness Center is open tomorrow morning. We looked to see if any group exercise classes were being offered. The only offered is Zumba. It is a high energy dance class. My husband said this is the one where the attendees (all women that we've seen) wear skirts/wraps with shiny beads on them. Uh, I doubt that I will ever attend a Zumba class. But they say it's a great workout!

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

YMCA for family holiday photos

I've never been to the YMCA for family holiday photos!

Our local YMCA is offering family holiday photos! This is a unique event for facility members. There is a local photographer coming in to take the family pictures. I am not sure of the pricing but I bet the portraits will be good enough for holiday photo cards!

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Street N Greet

I've never been to a Street and Greet before.

This is a service of Ticket Servant in conjunction with our local Christian radio station. I don't know how often they put on the Street N Greets, but today my daughter and I were blessed enough to get to attend one. It was free and lots of fun to meet this really cool Christian rock band. Maybe we'll get to attend another Street N Greet!

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One World Direct

I've never been to One World Direct.

I don't like to talk to people at call centers. If I find myself having to use call center services I make sure I have exhausted all my possibilities before calling. When making these calls, it is SUPER important to me that I talk to someone who is not only friendly, but professional in their speech and manner. And while I know that there are many intelligent people across this globe, I want the one on the other end of the line to be someone that can understand me and that I can understand. I do get very irritated when making a call to an American based company but the service center is located overseas. It's important to do the very best you can for your company, but I think companies should also do the very best for their customers!

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

volleyball banquet

I've never been to a volleyball banquet before.

Yesterday was my daughter's. Actually, last year we did get to stop by for the end of the banquet, but missed the majority of it. So this year, I was glad she got to attend the whole thing. It was very nice. Each girl from all three levels (jr. high, j.v. and varsity) got called up and recognized for their role on the team. It went by quickly and was good to see all the girls receive their praise. I hope my daughter will continue to be a part of this league.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been to a dermatologist.

If I did, I am sure there are many things I would need addressed. Age spots, wrinkles, and dark under eye circles. I have tried to get rid of dark circles by covering it over with make up (especially last week when I was an extra in a commercial!) But it doesn't always work very well. Come to find out the dark circles are like bruises. There are products that can help. Some contain elastin and collagen, others contain stem cells! These help to regenerate and reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

trapeze class

I've never been to trapeze class.

I saw on the Biggest Loser last night, a trapeze class. This is a new trend in the exercise world, with studios in LA, New York, Boston and DC offering classes. It is not for everyone. It is for those who can hold their own body weight with both hands on the bar. It seems like it would be fun, different and really add a new element to a workout. There is still some debate on how well it works your core and how many calories it burns. No matter what, I bet it's a fun work out!

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mooyah Burger

I've never been to Mooyah Burger.

I guess this is a fairly new burger place in town. I just learned about it from a fellow blogger and actual RLF (real life friend.) It has pretty good reviews. The meat is fresh, never frozen and you can choose all the toppings you want. They say it rivals Fuddruckers for a little smaller price.

That I'd like to see.

Houston Rockets season tickets

I've never been to purchase season tickets to the Houston Rockets.

It's an idea I am thinking about for my son's Christmas present. They have a pretty good six game package and I know he'd love the games. But the seats we can afford are way up high in the endzone. And we'd have to buy two packages. I think it would be cool and he would most likely love getting to see six games. At least from up that high he could not really see the power dancers (I wonder if they know the best weight loss pills!) Anyway, it would be pretty cool if we could swing such a cool Christmas gift!

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

get a tattoo

I've never been to get a tattoo.

It seems that tats are all the rage with the younger generation. I honestly don't see the attraction. Then I found out that my son wants to get one, to commemorate his deceased great grandmother. It seems this is the thing with young athletes these days, honoring a deceased relative by having their name tattooed on the body. I seriously hope he rethinks this before he is old enough to decide on his own....

That I'd like to see.

electronic cigarettes

I've never been anywhere there were electronic cigarettes.

I had never even heard of them before! There was an article in last week's USA Today about these new gadgets. This article led to a discussion with my son. He said he'd seen a guy at McDonald's smoking one. My son went on to tell me he felt like it was a good idea, in keeping kids from getting addicted. I quickly told him that the article points out that nicotine and chemicals are still found in the electronic cigarettes, including some suspected carcinogens. The only benefit that I could see to the electronic cigarette is that I and others around the smoker would not have to ingest the second hand smoke.

That I'd like to see.

Nike Commercial

I've never been to a Nike Commercial.

But tomorrow I am scheduled as an extra in one! I think it should be fun! I was able to be an extra in an Adidas commercial last year. They were pretty stingy. The shoot ran late and we did not get any snacks, not even water! I am hoping the Nike commercial will be more fun!

That I'd like to see.

Friday, October 23, 2009

North Carolina Health Group

I've never been to the North Carolina Health Group.

Here you can compare Blue Cross NC. Whether you need to compare Blue Cross Advantage to a Blue Cross Health Savings Account, learn about Dental Blue, check out the classic Blue or learn your Blue Options, this site has the info for you. Learn how to best meet you and your family's needs. Even get a free quote.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

sleep number bed

I've never been to sleep on a sleep number bed.

But my husband and I just bought one. With money from our savings account. Of course, in the store the bed feels great. And seeing the pressure points taken off is pretty cool. And getting it on sale was good, though still very expensive. Of course we read reviews both ways, some folks love it, some hate it. Our bed should arrive next week. I sure hope we love it!

That I'd like to see.

hotel floor

I've never been to a hotel where I'd want to sleep on the floor.

On our most recent trip, we thought my daughter and I would be staying in a room with my parents. My daughter offered to sleep on the floor. I said no way! I would never want any of us to sleep on a hotel floor! I don't know if they ever really vacuum! And even if they use some professional grade vacuum like the Ladybug XL 2300, I still don't think it would put my mind at ease enough to sleep on the floor! No, I am thankful that we were able to get a separate room with beds for each of us!

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Clearview Golf Club

I've never been to Clearview Golf Club.

This course located in Canton, OH is the only course designed, built, owned and operated by an African American. Growing up loving the game of golf, Bill Powell couldn't wait to be able to play. After returning home from serving in WWII however, Powell learned the discrimination on the links. He was not allowed to play. So working nights as a security guard, Powell spent his days designing and making the Clearview Golf Club where anyone was allowed to play. It has since become an historic landmark and is still functioning today for anyone to play on.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been to see TAO.

This is a group of Martial Art Drummers. This special energized choreography combined with traditional Japanese art makes this group different from the guys who beat on stainless steel drums. The group has a back ground of hard rock musician, composer and gymnast. I think this unique show is one not to be missed!

That I'd like to see.

Friday, October 16, 2009

In School Suspension

I've never been to In School Suspension.

Last night however, my daughter was threatened with this consequence for "inappropriate behavior"!

I let her attend a local football game last night. She was going to meet a friend and sit with her through the game. My son was going to arrive later and meet his sister and bring her home. Luckily I waited in the parking lot to make sure my daughter met up with her friend. She texted to tell me that they would not let her sit on that side of the stadium (I still don’t know why, I guess because she was wearing a shirt for the other team?!) and told her that if she did go sit on that side, she would be given in-school suspension!! WHAT???!!! A kid will get ISS for sitting on the “wrong side of the stadium”? I cannot even believe that! I was told that this is to prevent kids from causing trouble! What? If a kid wants to cause trouble, he will find a way, no matter what rules you put into play.

I was very angry by all that but we got it worked out with help from a nice gate attendant who told the other attendant to let my daughter in on that side. My son said it was lucky he was not there. He says he would have lit into anyone, the teacher, the attendant, the cop and he would have ended up with ISS! All for wanting to sit with a friend from a different school! Well, I am glad that neither of my kids ended up in trouble, and I hope it stays that way!

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mary Poppins

I've never been to see Mary Poppins the Musical.

But we have tickets for tomorrow night! We were heading out to the Texas State Fair and found out that you can get half price tickets to see the play and the tickets allow entry into the fair for that day for free! So we purchased some tickets and will head out to see what we think will be an excellent show. I can't wait to see Mary, Burt and the kids. To hear beloved old songs as well as some new ones. I am looking forward to seeing how they blended the best of the book and the Disney movie.

That I'd like to see.

Austin Triathlon

I've never been to the Austin Triathlon.

This event took place on Labor Day and looks like a lot of fun. There was a sprint distance as well as an Olympic distance course. There were even cash prizes for the top winners.

I love the idea of doing a triathlon on Labor Day. It sounds like fun and one of the best plans for weight loss austin can offer! Maybe one of these days I'll get up enough courage to enter a big triathlon like the Austin Tri!

That I'd like to see.

Monday, October 5, 2009

TCU Mondays

I've never been to TCU Mondays.

Once a month, Texas Christian University hosts a Monday of activities for high school juniors and seniors. From 8am-3pm, students will participate in programs geared for them. They will have breakfast, special interest meetings, financial aid information, campus tours, lunch and department visits. Because of the large amount of students attending these activities, they will not be able to attend a class on these days.

I registered my son for the next TCU Monday. It should be a fun day looking at college life. Perhaps it will get him interested in really finding out what kind of college he'd like to attend.

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

kitchen faucet in a museum

I've never been to see a kitchen faucet in a museum.

It seems that in 2004 the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design added a kitchen faucet as part of its permanent display. The Saxony Pull-Out Spray kitchen faucet by Delta Faucet Co. won the 2003 Good Design Award and was later added as an exhibit. So now if you go to the museum, you can see everything, including the kitchen sink!

That I'd like to see.

Faulkner University

I've never been to Faulkner University.

As my son nears college age, I have begun looking at a few. He has no idea where he wants to go, so I have started looking online for some ideas. I found out that Faulkner is a Christian University located in Montgomery, AL. It began in 1965. There are about 800 undergrad students with 300 law students. This is significantly smaller than my son's high school. He has a holiday in October. It would be great if he'd agree to visit this school during the break.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I've never been to buy a motorhome.

We did however rent a trailer one week we went camping. That was lots of fun. The kids loved it and so did we. We did encounter a small problem and had to have someone come fix something on the trailer while we were there. If I remember right this was covered in the rental agreement. However, if I were ever to buy a motorhome, I am sure that having motorhome insurance is a must. I did notice that the new RV lot near us is having an end of year sale so who knows, maybe one of these days we will have a motorhome to do some travel in.

That I'd like to see.

Free Theater Tickets

I've never been to a FREE night of theater.

The month of October marks Free Night of Theater throughout the nation. Simply go to the site and choose the location nearest you. You will find listings for FREE performances of local and national shows. For example, in our city, there are several listings for local performances including Agatha Christie, Into the Woods and Little Shop of Horrors. I was also thrilled to see that there is even one free performance for Meet Me in St. Louis! Most of these shows will only allow you to get two free tickets. You must make reservations through the site. These free tickets will be ready to reserve Oct. 5. I don't know if you can get tickets to more than one show, but I am going to try!

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

5 am exercise class

I had never been to a 5am exercise class before.

But three weeks ago, our favorite spinning teacher began a 5am class. It is really the only one of her classes I can attend. It is so so hard to get up before 5. And hard to get to class on time. The first two weeks, we were running so close to 5 that nearly all the bikes were taken! However, we noticed today that the class attendance was a bit slimmer than when we'd started.

The teacher reminded us today about how important it is to push ourselves to work hard, but that eating right is really about 80% of the equation. I know that is important, though it is hard. I know sometimes doing something drastic like a colon cleanse can jump start a healthy eating plan. I think though I would rather try to maintain consistency in my eating and exercising.

That I'd like to see.

parenting webinar

I've never been to a parenting webinar.

There is a free on being broadcast tonight at 7pm Central time. It states to deal with all kinds of parenting issues, from whining to disrespect to a feeling of entitlement. You have to pre-register, which you can do here . Sounds like another parenting tool that might come in handy in the future.

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

under the overpass

I had never turned the opposite direction under an overpass before.

A couple of weeks ago, however, I came across a girl stranded under the bridge. It is only one lane, with a little bit of room for a car to squeeze over to the side, which she had done. I stopped to help her. Turns out she needed a jump for her battery. So, nervously, I turned around to put the front of my car toward hers. We got it jumped in a few minutes. I was very nervous about the oncoming traffic, but she stopped them while I turned back around.

Luckily, she and her husband work on cars and she knew where to go to get car accessories and parts . She went that day to get a new battery!

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

online school

I've never been to online school.

My daughter was not able to get into the virtual school we first looked at. However, there is a new one supported by a local area school district. It is free and does follow the public school curriculum and guidelines. But it is still at home. Books, supplies and even a computer are all supplied. So far she has worked diligently and is doing well. She just received her books today, which should help as loading the large texts on our computer continued to crash and/or freeze it up. Now, I think things will work even more smoothly!

That I'd like to see.

Guitar Hero

I've never been to play Guitar Hero.

My daughter plays this game at her friend's house. Now she is asking for it here. We don't even have a PS3! Well, she put all of that on her birthday list. Needless to say, she did not get it. I would rather her go ahead and enjoy it at her friend's house!

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

defensive driving

I've never been to defensive driving.

But my son has already attended! He found one close by that was cheap enough and fun! The teacher used to be a stand up comic so he made the class more fun. He had a nickname for everyone in the class (my son was "embryo" since he was the youngest.) He told jokes and "made fun" of stuff they had to learn. It made the day pass by more enjoyably. So now, my son's ticket will be dismissed and our insurance rate should go down a bit too.

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I've never been to a "buycott".

This is the exact opposite of a boycott, where you go spend your money in support of a business. There is a buycott going on in some locations for Whole Foods Market in response to CEO John Mackey's alternative health care methods and the ensuing boycott by some consumers. I like the idea of both a boycott and a buycott. I guess it really does show how we support businesses and ideas with our dollars.

I like Whole Foods and would definitely take part if a buycott is put in place at our nearby Market. I love the great products you can find there. All kinds of healthy produce and food items. But there are also health and beauty products including vitamins, skin cleansers, colon cleansers, even make up and some apparel.

I haven't been to Whole Foods in some time. Just thinking about it makes me realize I need to head back up there soon!

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Third Coast Comedy

I've never been to Third Coast Comedy.

This local comedy show is family friendly, with affordable ticket prices. They offer family entertainment every Friday with a "Whose Line is it Anyway" type approach. This Friday we are going to give it a try for my husband's birthday. And, this Friday is an anniversary special with FREE tickets!

That I'd like to see.

luxury bathroom

I've never been in a luxury bathroom.

I know they are available. I don't know if I'll ever even see the inside of one. High end bathrooms, complete with golden fixtures, walk in tubs, adorned with phones and high-def televisions! We don't live in that kind of luxury in our every day life, though one day I would not mind giving it a try!

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ocean Treasures

I had never been to Ocean Treasures gift shop before.

Just after crossing the bridge from Corpus Christi (Flour Bluff) to Padre Island, we saw this great looking store front. It is a regular ocean town gift shop, but a nice large one. We loved the way the front was designed!

Inside is clean and there is lots of selection of gifts and souvenirs. We bought shirts, rented a boogie board for the day, tried to buy a chair but they were all out, and even bought a "message in a bottle" for our neighbor who fed our dog. The only thing I wished for was for shower heads outside by the bathrooms. It would have been nice to at least be able to rinse off before heading back.

That I'd like to see.

cosmetic dentist

I've never been to a cosmetic dentist.

I hardly get in to see my regular dentist as I should! Two months ago, I did chip a tooth. Luckily it wasn't bad, not very far down and not much of the tooth. I did not call my dentist at the time, but at my regular cleaning this last month, he noticed and wanted to bond it. I was nervous, but it all ended up being fine. I am thankful I did not have to contact the Plano cosmetic dentist and that my regular dentist had me fixed up within half an hour! I hope that I can keep my teeth healthy until my next check up!

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Singin' In The Rain

I've never been to see Singin' in the Rain.

I've never even actually seen it on video! It is coming to a local community theater this month. Weekends beginning Aug. 14 and running through the 30 at the Clear Creek Community Theater, I will have the chance to see this well loved show. Tickets are $7 each, which is still a bargain these days! So hopefully I will get to catch a performance.

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

faucet shopping

I've never been faucet shopping.

Since my husband had other things to do today, we didn't make it out today either. We are going to have to replace our kitchen faucet. I know nothing about them except for maybe a few brands. Who knows if I'll end up with a Moen, Kohler or Delta faucet. I don't care one way or the other, as long as the leak is gone!

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

financial advising

I've never been for financial advising before.

Now, we have regular appointments with an adviser to help us get our finances in order before our son starts college. We have two years to try to get things in order and the adviser is going to show us the best ways to get financial aid, as well as to save and maybe even invest.

That I'd like to see.

acne treatment

I've never been to get acne treatment.

I was pretty lucky as a teen not to have too much trouble with acne. But my husband did and now my son struggles with it too. He uses a gel prescribed by our doctor to help keep it under control. He also uses an over the counter regimen daily. He has tried many different things, but right now, these are helping to keep it a bit at bay.

Since everyone is different, it's hard to find something that will help control each individual's acne. Looking at information about many different products can help make a decision, but it often comes down to having to try a few to see what works best for your skin. Then, you can find the best way to keep your skin acne free.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mechanical Turk

I had never been to Mechanical Turk before.

I saw this in a magazine. It is run by and is a list of small tasks that can help you earn money in small increments. There are loads of tasks that pay from .01 to a few dollars. They are very small and easy tasks, from identifying pictures to finding definitions to answering surveys. The pay is very small but adds up if you have some time to spend each day doing small tasks. It looks like you are paid in gift certificates which is great for those who love online shopping. I am going to give it a try and see if I can earn a little extra money.

That I'd like to see.

get a lawyer

I've never been to get a lawyer.

Which is something to be thankful for. I know folks need lawyers for a myriad of reasons. Some need worker's comp lawyers, Mesothelioma lawyers, divorce lawyers, custody lawyers, civil rights lawyers, personal injury lawyers and a host of other things. As for me, I am very happy to say that none of these issues have ever arisen in my life. And I would love for it to stay that way!

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

virtual school

I've never been to a virtual school.

I have heard of these online public schools, but only recently have any become available in our area. They are a way to get a free public education while at home. Teachers are in place, with the parent being a learning coach. Books, schedules and supplies are all provided free of charge. The ones in our area are available for students in grades 3-8, with one school having just added ninth grade to their program.

My two nephews are now enrolled in one of these schools. They have nice new books and all supplies were sent, including paint, jump rope, science kit and music kit! My daughter wants to enroll as well. There is no room at this school in her grade. We are now looking at another one available. Maybe they still have room for a student her age.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been ticketless for a trip I was about to take.

We have some friends who were to depart overseas this week. They are older and a bit nervous about the extended flying time. But when they called to confirm their flight they found their tickets were never processed! They were literally not on the flight, they were ticketless!! Needless to say, this put a real damper on the whole trip before it ever got started. There were other problems that precipitated this current ordeal, but they eventually got tickets and left only one day later than planned.

In their quest to scurry and rebook their trip, travel info was of prime importance. Normally locating as cheap airline tickets as possible would have been a higher priority. But as the departure date was close at hand, finding cheap flights was not their main concern.

After much grief, they were able to reschedule their itinerary. They did have to change airlines along the way, but were off yesterday. We are awaiting word on their safe arrival.

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Verandah photos

I've never been able to post my Weekend Verandah photos.

I have been trying but each time I've tried, I have been unable to keep an internet connection! These photos are in reference to a couple of posts down, our stay at the Weekend Verandah bed and breakfast. I have recommended it to some friends of ours. I would be ready to go back there again sometime!

That I'd like to see.

business insurance

I've never been to buy business insurance.

Which makes sense since we do not own our own business! But we have friends and neighbors who do. I know business insurance is imperative when owning a business. Getting the best insurance you can at an affordable rate only makes sense. Being able to compare and get quotes seems to make the decision easier. A sensible move for business owners. Taking good care of your business makes it easier to take good care of your customers.

That I'd like to see.

on a motorcycle in a storm

I had never been on a motorcycle in a storm before.

I had not been on the motorcycle much before anyway. But my husband talked me into riding his bike on our trip last weekend. As we were leaving the bed and breakfast, we were blessed with a gift by our hosts. We decided instead of going straight home, we would go all the way down to Galveston for dinner. We got rained on as we entered our home town, but we pulled off and let it pass. We checked the news and everything seemed clear. We headed down to a good restaurant on the island. It was crowded, but still pretty good.

We headed over to the beach. Finally got situated when we saw the dark cloud heading our way. It seemed to be passing over quickly, but the wind got unbelievable strong. We hung out a little while longer, but the wind started worrying my husband and he thought it was storming toward the north, which is the way we needed to head home.

By the time we got suited up and able to leave, the wind had died down a bit, but it was dark and there was lots of lightening. The rain wasn't too bad but we were pretty terrified getting back home. It was a real relief when we pulled into our own garage.

I told him I would take another bike trip with him. But only if there are no storms around!

That I'd like to see.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I had never been to freewebdirectories before.

It looks like it is full of useful information for bloggers. Here, you can find free and paid web directories, learn how to drive traffic with search engines, learn seo tips, read the blog and join the forum. This may have some useful info for those in the blogging world who need a jump start to their blog.

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Verandah

I had never been to the Weekend Verandah.

We just spent two nights at this wonderful bed and breakfast. It is located in New Baden, TX, outside of Franklin, about an hour from Bryan. There are three cabins to rent. We loved the one we stayed in, under the cedar tree. We enjoyed the golf cart to go around the property. We loved the pool. We loved the pond filled with lily pads, dragon flies and turtles. We loved laying out looking at the stars at night. We appreciate the hospitality and kindness of our hosts. I am hoping to take our kids there to enjoy the peace and quiet.

That I'd like to see.

Friday, July 10, 2009

glass tiles

I've never been to buy glass tiles.

We have talked before about getting our shower redone. I had never considered using glass tile before. I saw some on a website. The glass tiles sure are pretty and would certainly enhance our bath. However, at this point in time, with two teens and one starting to think about college, I think bathroom remodeling is on hold. Maybe one of these days....

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

food pantry

I've never been to the local food pantry.

They are looking for volunteers tomorrow from noon to four sorting food. I think this is a good and easy activity for families. It's a great way to help the community and is something we can all do together. I think even my son with his broken collar bone can help sorting out the products.

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shell station in Flatonia

I had never been to the Shell station in Flatonia.

But I have been twice now in 24 hours. I met my husband there to pick up my son when I learned he had broken his collar bone at camp. I brought him home to see the doctor and try to get in to an orthopedic. We could not get in til next week so he was cleared to go back to camp. At which time I met my husband at the gas station again for the exchange. Thankfully there will be no midnight runs to the middle of nowhere tonight!

That I'd like to see.


I've never been around asbestos.

Thankfully! This substance, which used to be commonly used, is a cancer causing agent. The cancer, known as mesothelioma, affects mostly older white males. The rate of incidence has been declining since the 1990s and the treatment options are improving.

That I'd like to see.

beach clean up

I've never been to a beach clean up.

This Saturday at Menard Park in Galveston, there will be a beach clean up day from 9am til noon. Set up starts at 8:30. Cleaning begins at 9. Afterward there will be live music, a barbecue, pictures and cool surf prizes. There will also be a paddle out. Those without surf boards can rent one at Ohana's. The party lasts til 2pm. If my kids were here I would love to go. Maybe they will have beach clean up parties again!

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

cross country moving

I've never been on a cross country moving venture.

I just read through the latest Ikea ad. It looks like they are having a nice summer sale for folks who are moving. On the last page, I came across a special 15% off deal. It is for folks in our area who had nothing better to do while "in the dark" after hurricane Ike. For anyone bringing in their baby's birth certificate dated June 1-July 4, 2009, they will receive an additional 15% off their entire purchase!

That I'd like to see.

surf camp

I've never been to surf camp.

This summer in Galveston, Ohana is presenting two and three day surf camps for kids! The camps are either Saturday and Sunday or Tuesday through Thursday. Kids will learn surfing skills and have a great time in the Gulf. What a fun way to spend the summer! And a great way to learn a new hobby!

That I'd like to see.

40K bike ride

I had never been on a 40K bike ride.

That is equivalent to 24.8 miles. In reading about triathlon training, I was trying to see about upping my training to be able to do Olympic distance. I think I could do it, if I had the time to train properly. So today, I did a little more than I usually do. I swam 16 laps (about half a mile), rode the nearly 25 miles and ran four miles. This is a little shy of the .93 mile swim, 24.8 bike ride and the 6.2 mile run. But I think with the proper training I could work up to it. Forget about the best weight loss pill! I just want to be able to train hard and one day enter a race of this distance!

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Turn About Ranch

I've never been to Turn About Ranch.

This working ranch sounds like a great place for teens to spend some time relearning some tools that will help them deal with problems and family issues in positive ways. I read through the website and really like lots of what I read. The kids come in and from the get go have to earn all privileges, including pillows and showers all the way to leisure time and activities! Once they get past the initial stage, they also attend classes which will later transfer back to their home school. I like how the ranch uses Christian ideals as a foundation. I also really like that the ranch employs older adults as mentors as opposed to college aged kids. Teens that are struggling with authority and parents don't need to turn only to older teens. They need to learn to value the adults in their lives. And I think it's smart that Turn About Ranch knows and implements this. Their program runs an average of 100 days. There are loans available for families who need them.

That I'd like to see.

Map My Run

I've never been to Map My Run.

I came across this great website the other day. I was looking to see if anyone had mapped out places to run in my area. And this website was filled with pages of folks who had! There were many to choose from, but I actually ended up creating my own route. I was looking for a 13 mile run close to home. So I decided to map my own course. It's easy using this site. And it's free to sign up. I think taking a good old fashioned run beats using the best fat burners any day! So while the rest of my family is gone to church camp, I am going to try out my 13 mile running route!

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

archaeological dig

I've never been on an archaeological dig.

I learned about an opportunity to be a part of one this summer. Located outside of San Antonio at Rancho de las Cabras, Floresville, Texas, there are three FREE dig days being offered! Saturday June 13, Saturday August 29, Saturday October 3 from 8:30 am- 2:00 pm is a great chance to dig for fossils and artifacts! This is sponsored by the UTSA Center for Archaeological Research and the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park at this 18th century Spanish Mission Ranch. There is also a scout day being offered in November. Ages ten and up are allowed, with those sixteen and under requiring adult supervision and one adult per every three children. You need to bring your own lunch and snacks, water and digging tools will be provided.

Call 210-932-1002 ext 223 or e-mail for more
information and to reserve your spot!

That I'd like to see (and do!)

high school cafeteria

I've never been to a high school cafeteria.

At least not as an adult. My son talks about how crowded and noisy it is. He talks about the occasional fight. He tells of the short amount of time allowed to eat. And knowing the menu selection is probably enough of an appetite suppressant for me that I would not want to eat much of what is offered. I guess it's no wonder he comes home starving most days. I just wish I could send a nice healthy lunch every day that he had time, space and desire to enjoy.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

College of the Mainland Triathlon

I've never been in the College of the Mainland triathlon.

I was training to do this event this year, but things don't look like they will fall into place for it. The tri takes place at College of the Mainland in Texas City on May 28, 2009. Online registration is closed.

This year marks the 11th Annual Combat Triathlon which benefits the College of the Mainland Scholarship fund. The Race Distance consists of a 300 yd swim, 15 mile Bike, and 3 mile run. The swim takes place in the college pool. I talked with a sixty year old lady at the gym who is signed up to compete in this year's race! Maybe next year I'll be able to join in. And I sure hope that I am still training and competing when I'm sixty!

That I'd like to see.

hospital while traveling

I've never been to the hospital while traveling.

I do know several people who have had to visit a doctor, dentist, or emergency room while traveling. I think it would be a scary thought, but know that in an emergency, it would be required. Another scary thought, whether traveling or not, is having
no medical life insurance. If we could just find a way to pay for it, that would be great!

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've never been to Facebook.

That's right, Facebook. I have had four or five people invite me. I am just not interested right now in having to keep up with "social networking", though I know I would enjoy seeing others photos. I guess technically I've been to facebook since I got on my husband's account last night to watch a video he had received. So maybe one of these days they will eventually get me to join. For now though, I am happy being one of those who have not been to facebook. Maybe I can hold out a while longer....

That I'd like to see.

Monday, May 11, 2009

buying ephedrine

I've never been to buy ephedrine.

I just learned that some forms of it are no longer available. I did found out though that it is being reformulated to come into compliance with regulations. It is hoped to have the same strength and effects as it formerly did. Stated goals include:

~Comes with a Double Your Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee (including S&H)
~Help You Lose 3-5 Pounds Per Week
~Produce Intense Euphoric Feelings

You can stay updated on the progress of the reformulation. Date of re-release is Sept. 2009

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Boston Marathon

I've never been to the Boston Marathon.

I was hoping we would have been in Boston at the time it was run, but we missed it by a month. While at the gym the other day I saw a trainer wearing a Boston Marathon shirt. I also overheard her talking about running in Boston's Marathon. What an experience! And it wasn't the first time she has run it. We were able to see it on television. It was a great race and the American male and female both came in third. Hopefully an American can win in the next year's race.

That I'd like to see.

Biggest Loser Ranch

I've never been to the Biggest Loser Ranch.

Just think about it...working out all day long. Someone to cook healthy meals for you. Personal trainers. Getting personalized work out plans. Learning new healthy lifestyle changes. Time to focus on yourself. All those last chance work outs. Forget the diet pills. The Biggest Loser Ranch is a place for real weight loss!

That I'd like to see.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Houston Art Car Festival

I've never been to the Houston Art Car Festival.

This unique parade of over 250 cars-turned-mobile-art is one of the Orange Show's biggest draws. The Art Car Festival began in 1984 and has become an outreach to the community to send the message that art is for everyone and is an integral part of our life and community. And it's just plain fun!

This year's parade will take place on May 9 on Allen Parkway between Taft and Downtown. The parade begins at 1pm on Saturday. If you want a sneak peek at some of this year's new mobile art, come to Discovery Green (1500 McKinney) on Friday, May 8 at 6pm. You can see art car film on the main stage and enjoy live music, art and entertainment throughout the park. Though the time to enter an art car in the parade has passed, there is still time to volunteer in the fun family event. And if you can't make it to the sneak preview, you can still check out photos from last year's parade . It looks like a fun time for all ages. Both the parade and the sneak preview are free!

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wilderness Trek

I've never been to Wilderness Trek.

I just paid for my son to go to this summer outdoor experience. It is more than camp. It is a time for teens to stretch themselves both physically and spiritually. It is a group building and bonding adventure at the same time that it challenges the individual teen.

Groups will participate in rappelling, white water rafting, and mountain climbing while learning more about God and depending on him. I hope and pray that this will be a life changing experience for my son.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Desolation Canyon

I've never been to Desolation Canyon.

Located in Death Valley National Park, this canyon is just a mile south of the more frequently visited Golden Canyon. You can still view the rugged desolate beauty of the desert and hike lonely passes without the congestion of other hikers. This kind of hiking will likely keep one in great shape, avoiding weight loss pills and other kinds of dieting. This is a great way to stay in shape and see some of our country's natural beauty. It is also the location of some of the filming from the first Star Wars movie!

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

primitive camping

I've never been to do primitive camping.

My husband went with a friend to a place his family owns. It's nothing more than a bunk house trailer on their land. No water. No electricity. No toilet. No shower (outdoor one available.) But he said the afternoon fishing and the evening campfire and the stars up above made such a peaceful setting. It was the best way to relieve some stress and get some much needed time to think clearly.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

kite festival

I've never been to a kite festival.

This Saturday and Sunday, the Highland Bayou Park in LaMarque, TX is hosting the second annual kite festival. Hours are 10 am-5pm. Admission and parking is free! Bring your kite and picnic lunch and enjoy this fun, free activity for the whole family!

That I'd like to see.

buy memory

I've never been to buy memory.

And I can say I need it! My kids will tell you the same thing. I cannot seem to remember from one day to the next what all needs to be done. I think my memory is full! I have found some workshops which will help to improve your memory. There are even some available for download online. Some are even free!

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Houston on the Cheap

I've never been to Houston on the Cheap .

I learned about this great blog today on TV. It is filled daily with ideas of free and discounted ideas for the Houston area. I found deals for restaurants, entertainment and shopping. It is a great way to save money and still have fun in a nearby town. There are also links to other cities on the cheap for travelers.

That I'd like to see.

camera memory card

I've never been to buy a camera memory card.

I got my new camera 18 months ago and it has a memory card with it. But while on my trip to Boston, I got worried that it was not working. I charged the camera before I went so I was not expecting any problems. I got concerned when it would not do anything. I was not sure if it had died, wasn't working because of the weather or what. I did not know if I was going to have to purchase a new micro sd card. I just wanted to be sure that my photos weren't lost. But after a night on the charger and taking the battery out and then replacing it, all seemed to be working. And my photos turned out just fine!

That I'd like to see.

Tax Strike Day

I've never been to a Tax Strike.

It has been suggested that in protest of over taxation by our government we abstain one day from any spending that will generate tax income for the government. This day is coming up on May 1, 2009. This is the last day of the first quarter. It seems to be as good a day as any to go on a tax strike.

That I'd like to see.

top rated auto insurers

I've never been to view the top rated insurance companies.

I can see how this would be a smart move though. I mean, after all, wouldn't you want to be covered by one of the best rated auto insurance companies? If you choose to go with a substandard company, you could be in danger of not getting the coverage you need or even no payment at all. Finding the top rated carriers seems to make good sense. You can find a comparison of auto insurers who make the grade at B+ or better.

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Henry V

I've never been to Henry V.

This play by William Shakespeare will run for two more weekends at the College of the Mainland Community Theater. I am hoping to go see it. A man we go to church with will be in this production, along with a college kid my daughter has acted with before. Here is an excerpt from the playbill:

"An exciting fast-paced new adaptation of Shakespeare's timeless history play about the newly-crowned King Henry V and the first, greatest test of his leadership. HENRY V is jam-packed with political intrigues, thrilling battles, shocking betrayals, courage, cowardice, and a delightful romance between the brave English king and a quirky French princess. If you thought you didn't like haven't seen HENRY V!"

That I'd like to see.

Ferrari Houston

I've never been to Ferrari Houston.

I remember as a kid driving past from time to time. It was pretty cool looking out the window to see the cool car that Magnum Drove. Ferrari has a reputation as a fine car. Ferrari Houston has even had a racing team since 1998, doing well in both Europe and the U.S. For folks who drive such a fine car, I'm sure it's a comfort knowing it's not hard to get Ferrari parts replacements in our area.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, April 13, 2009

TEA Party

I've never been to a TEA Party .

This week, April 15, will be a day for Americans to send a message to Washington by attending TEA Parties. These parties are reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party. This week's TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties will tell leaders that we are against the wasteful government spending that is going on which will leave our children and grandchildren with unbearable tax/deficit burdens. Americans are encouraged to meet peacefully at their local City Hall. It helps to have signs showing what you are protesting. (You can find samples of what to write on your signs here .) You can even call your senators and representatives while in attendance at the TEA Party! (Bring your cell phone and call Congress and the president while attending the TAX Day TEA party rally (Representative and Senators, 202-224-3121; President, 202-456-1414.) I am hoping to attend a local TEA Party this week.

That I'd like to see.

Radisson Hotels

I've never been to Radisson Hotel.

This worldwide chain offers free high-speed Internet, a must in this day and age.You can check yourself in online up to 7 days in advance. The global frequent guest program is perfect for world travelers. Radisson also features a variety of menu choices. When you stay at Radisson, you can even request a sleep number bed for a great night's sleep.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Perkin's School for the Blind

I've never been to the Perkin's School for the Blind.

I had not actually heard of it before we got to Boston. A friend if ours who used to live in the area picked us up from the airport. As we headed out toward Natick, he pointed out many sights to us. One of them was the Perkin's School for the Blind. It is where Helen Keller went to school. They have become renowned for their work with the blind. I am not sure if they offer tours, but there is a museum. They offer international programs and will even have a team running the Boston Marathon this month!

That I'd like to see.


I've never been to a bar.

Unless you count waiting in Chili's which I guess technically is...but while we were in Boston, I walked into a real bar. We thought it was the restaurant and my son led us in. It STUNK! I had no idea! We immediately turned around and left.

Since I don't drink, I don't have any real reason to go into a bar. I would hope that ideally, folks who do choose to drink would do so in a safe manner. Like in their own home (I am not naive enough to think that would ever become the norm, but...) If you do choose to drink, you may look into something like the wine of the month so you can drink at home without having to put others in danger in transit back home (or call a taxi!)

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

buying horseradish

I've never been to buy horseradish.

I need it for a recipe. But I need fresh horseradish that I can grate. So I went to the store looking for it. There was a sign hanging above the vegetable bins that marked horseradish. I wasn't sure which sign went with which bin. So I picked up a couple and checked out. When the girl rang it up, she rang up yucca root. I thought maybe she had it wrong. So I came home to look up photos on the internet. Yeah, I actually bought yucca root! So now I've got to go back and find the horseradish. Hopefully I'll come home with the right thing this time.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yankees Game

I've never been to a Yankees game.

And of course, the Yankees have a reputation for being hated. But being raised in a baseball house, I know that if we had the chance to get to see them on their home field I would. It might be fun to boo the Yanks, but I doubt I could bring myself to do it! We are the kind of family that love to make this sort of outing a part of our trips, so I know it would be fun for us. I am hopeful that one day we will get to New York. Then I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with New York Yankees tickets. And this year will be their first in New Yankee Stadium!

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

culinary arts contest

I've never been to a culinary arts contest.

My son's friend just competed in one this week. He is enrolled in the culinary arts program at the high school. They left last week for a state competition. He called my son and said he won state, including a $5000 scholarship! I asked my son what his friend cooked. He said he did not know but he did have to set the table and wait the table, things like that. I had no idea that culinary arts could land you such a prize!

That I'd like to see.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stations of the Cross

I've never been to Stations of the Cross before.

This is a Catholic tradition that takes place in the weeks before Easter. There are several stations set up depicting different scenes from Christ's Passion Week. I am told that different churches celebrate it in different ways. Tonight we are attending with some friends. It will be done inside with the congregants seated as the priest moves through the stations explaining each depiction. I have heard that some churches do other kinds of presentations of the Stations of the Cross including dramatic and/or outdoor presentations.

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

door museum

I've never been to a door museum.

I found two references to door museums online. One is just a photo but the other is a blog that describes a door museum outside of Olympus. I could not find a website for it but the blog in reference does a pretty good job of describing it. It sounds fascinating! You are greeted at the front by five different types of doors, a rotating door, a motion-sensor door, a door from an old house, a round door with a knob right in the middle, and in the middle a medieval portcullis.

As you enter you can choose which door you want to go through to explore the various places they lead you to. There are real doors, replica doors and doors from stories. There is even a backless wardrobe. You will also discover sliding doors, trapdoors, vehicle doors, and airlocks. I wonder if they have to use discount door hardware replacements very often, what with all the hands on!

Each door leads you into a fascinating place. There is even a door leading you to outer space!

That I'd like to see.

Phantom of the Opera

I've never been to Phantom of the Opera.

I only know the basic outline of the show and a bit of the music. But I have a ticket to the show this summer! My daughter wanted to go and also get a ticket for her friend as a birthday present. So we decided to do that. Then, the friend's sister wanted to go too, so her mom bought a couple more tickets to join us! Their seats are actually right next to ours. Even though the seats are up high, we are looking forward to seeing this smashing Broadway musical!

That I'd like to see.

Monday, March 23, 2009

design school

I've never been to design school.

And if you visit my home, you will notice that fact right off the bat! We have a very lived in look, and a lot of our furniture is old and/or hand-me down. But I found an online tool to help design a custom home office. It is a great tool to help turn a room into an office. You simply enter the dimensions and plan where you want to place your office furniture. This will likely be a handy tool for people who are finding themselves in need of a home office.

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've never been to Harvard.

Though we were not far while in Boston, we never made it over to see the university. There are apparently walking tours available. You can hire a guide who will take you from Boston to Cambridge to see the sights on Harvard Square. You will take in sights like Harvard Yard, Radcliff Yard, Brattle Street ("Tory Row"), the "Old Burial Place," Cambridge Common, Longfellow's Mansion and "The Square". Subway fare is included in this tour. Or if you opt to go the free route, you can book a student led tour of Harvard. With this tour, you will be led by a Harvard student and you will learn about American history and architecture from the Colonial period to the present.

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Boston's Red Line Train

I've never been to Boston's Red Line Train.

While visiting Boston, we used the "T" quite a bit. We commuted in everyday and would use the T to get around when we felt it a bit too far to walk. There are four T lines, Red, Orange, Green and Blue. My daughter pointed out that we used all except the Red Line. I guess that just means we have to go back some day to see the things we missed out on and to ride the Red Line!

That I'd like to see.

Friday, March 13, 2009

apartment demolition

I had never been to an apartment demolition.

In studying modern Texas history, I had my daughter do a unit on our town. I included a kind of scavenger hunt where she had to find out certain things that are going on around our town. One of the items was an apartment complex scheduled for demolition. I am not sure if it was damaged in the hurricane or not. We drove by yesterday to see what it looked like. Demolition was already in progress. I am not sure if they will be rebuilding these apartments on the lake.

That I'd like to see.

Outer Banks North Carolina

I've never been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

This is the area that includes Corolla, Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head & Southern Shores. Of course a vacation here includes all the beach loving activities like fishing, kiteboarding and surfing. There are many other activities to enjoy as well. Some of the favorites are birdwatching, lighthouses and museums. Of course you can see where the Wright Brothers conducted tests that led to the first powered airplane flight. Don't miss the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum to learn about the Outer Banks maritime history and the 3000 shipwrecks in the area. Also of interest is the Lost Colony drama, a "symphonic drama told on the site where 116 men, women and children disappeared more than 420 years ago. "

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I had never been to Chic-Fil-A before.

At least not outside the mall. I know that is hard to believe! I have driven my son there before, but I had never been inside. They just opened a new Chic-Fil-A near our house. We got a coupon for a free breakfast entree. Today, my son had late arrival at school. So, when I went out to swim this morning, I brought him back his free breakfast burrito. (He loved it!) Because the drive through line was so long, I went inside to order. The store (being new) was very clean and bright. I liked the menu. Lots of grilled chicken options-salads, sandwiches and wraps (those looked yummy!) They were also playing the Christian music station inside. It seemed as if I had heard that Chic-Fil-A is closed on Sunday. I looked on their website and found that it is true. It is to allow workers to worship if they choose to do so and spend time with family and friends.

That I'd like to see.


I've never been to Boston.

We are leaving this week for our spring vacation to Boston! We have lots we plan on doing and seeing. From the St. Patrick's Day parade, the public garden and Downtown Crossing to Fenway Park, the harbor and USS Constitution, Bunker Hill, Faneuil Hall and a Celtics game, we are excited to see all that Boston has to offer. My husband is already there doing some work. He went into Boston today. He said he was just going to try to get his bearings-finding out the subway system, finding public restrooms, and discovering the parade route. He is (supposed to!) going to wait to experience the rest of the fun til we get there!

That I'd like to see.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Birth of Christianity: A Jewish Story

I've never been to The Birth of Christianity: A Jewish Story.

This special exhibit will be displayed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science through April 12. It features artifacts from Jerusalem and its surrounding areas 2,000 years ago. You can see the earliest known manuscript containing the story of Christ's birth in the oldest known manuscript of the Gospel of Luke. The War Scroll from Qumran will also be displayed. A papyrus manuscript of the Epistle of Hebrews and a large scale model of Jerusalem can also be viewed. There are also ossuaries on exhibition. The bones of the deceased were placed in these boxes. This was only practiced during the Roman era. The exhibit brings together the inter-connectivity of the Jewish story and the Birth of Christianity.

That I'd like to see.

travel insurance

I've never been to buy travel insurance.

Though I have often wondered about it. When we took our cruise nearly two years ago, we wondered what would happen if there was a storm or something happened and we did not get to take or finish the trip. There are certain things usually covered by travel insurance. I think it's interesting that on our overseas trips, we have never purchased travel insurance. With those types of trips, I wish it was included in the cost of the trip!

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

8 and 9 year old volleyball

I had never been to an 8 & 9 year old volleyball game before.

Our neighbor had her first game today at the YMCA. I was so surprised at how well these girls did! They can serve from as close as the 10 foot line, but most of them made it over the net! None of the girls seemed to be scared of the ball coming at them and all would make an effort to return it. They would even call "mine!" It was fun watching these young girls learn the game. I think one day some of those 8 & 9 year olds will be really good volleyball players!

That I'd like to see.

safety equipment

I've never been to buy safety equipment.

While visiting the Spindletop Museum, we saw many of the items used everyday by the oilmen. Some things have not changed too much over time. Even back at the time of the Lucas Gusher, the men were using some types of safety equipment. I even saw an old safety hard hat. It looks a little different from what is used today, but it's good to see that they were taking care to be safe. I am sure though, that many of today's safety standards came about because of some things that happened through those early years of oil drilling. It's good to know that today, folks can do their work in a safer environment.

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I had never been to Spindletop.

I posted a bit about the Spindletop museum in the last post. I wanted to go ahead and load some photos of the set-up that we saw there.

undertaker/livery & boarding stable

surveyor's book

doctor's office

camera shop

trade and exchange board

home (bath tub in corner)

dry goods store

post office

replica oil derrick-I can't imagine that spewing oil for nine days!

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spindletop/Gladys City Boomtown Museum

I had never been to the Spindletop/Gladys City Boomtown Museum.

This museum is set up to represent the boomtown of Gladys City that sprang up in 1901 when oil was discovered in Beaumont, TX. After oil sprayed the air for nine days, folks were clamoring to be a part of it. Land was actually sold in 1/64 lots. Derricks were lined so close together that it looked like a forest. One could actually cross from one to the other without having to touch the ground!

At the museum you can watch a seven minute film and read about the discovery. Outside they have replica buildings of the boomtown. You can see the machine shop, the saloon, the dry goods store, the post office, the general store, the photographer, the surveyors and even the livery stable/undertaker! Today, they were even going to spray water out of the derrick to re-enact the gushing of the oil!

That I'd like to see.

resume service

I've never been to a resume service.

I know right now a lot of folks are having to search for new jobs. They may be having to present a resume after many years of working in a company. It can be difficult to put a resume together after so long. Many folks are having to look anywhere they can to find work, even if that means moving out of town or out of state. In this case, posting and marketing resumes online can be helpful.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spindletop Park

I've never been to Spindletop Park.

Located in Beaumont, TX, this is the site of the famous Lucas Gusher of 1901. The oil was drilled and spurted out of the rig for nine days before they could cap it! The site was dry within ten years. In the 1920s oil was found on the flanks by drilling deeper and in the 1950s sulfur was mined. Now they are trying to use the salt domes to store natural gas.

That I'd like to see.

Broadway Show

I've never been to a Broadway Show.

There are some spectacular shows playing on Broadway, many of which my daughter and I would like to see. I would love it if I could get us tickets to some of these shows. It would be wonderful to fly up for her birthday, grab us a New York City hotel room, and head out to see all our favorite shows!

That I'd like to see.
I've never been to

New York City hotel

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I had never been to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang live.

Yesterday we got to see a performance of this off Broadway show! It was great fun! The show stuck closely to the video script. There was lots of laughing, singing and dancing. The actors were all very talented, with lots of experience. The flying car was grand! I love how the background was all black with "stars" to aid in the illusion of flying. We enjoyed the show and the audience really got into it. I must say I did not enjoy the potty humor of the spies, even if they were from Vulgaria. I enjoyed the performance of Professor Potts, Grandpa, all the children and even the child catcher! I would see it again if I got another chance!

That I'd like to see.

insure a car

I've never been to insure a car.

I leave all that in my husband's hands. But lately we have been looking for the best auto insurance quotes. Since we now have three drivers, one a teenaged boy, and a newer vehicle, our insurance needs have changed. We need to find the best rates possible. So anytime we can find a bargain, a discount or a deal, we are ready to compare rates to find the lowest one possible.

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've never been to

New York City hotel

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Freedom Trail

I've never been to the Freedom Trail.

This is a 2.5 mile walking tour of historical sites in Boston. You can go on a self-paced tour, following the red brick path and stopping at each of the landmarks, or you can go with a costumed guide who will teach you about each of the stops. Some of the landmarks require an extra admission fee, including the Old South Meeting House, the Old State House and the Paul Revere House. A good suggested beginning point for the self-guided tour is the Boston National Historical Park Visitor Center which will give you a brief introduction to the places you will visit.

That I'd like to see.

buy patio furniture

I've never been to buy patio furniture.

Spring is in the air here. Folks are doing yard work and getting their homes spruced up for spring. Many are ready to start planting gardens and dusting off their patio furniture. Lots of folks are having to buy new outdoor furniture, since much was damaged during the hurricane. Hopefully they won't forget to get their patio furniture covers too. Even though we are in an area of moderate drought, it will rain again someday!

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mardi Gras, Galveston

I've never been to Mardi Gras in Galveston.

The city is excited to announce that they will be celebrating Mardi Gras on the Strand in spite of the damage done a few months ago by hurricane Ike. You can visit the Mardi Gras museum on the Strand and attend one of the many parades offered in the city. The events take place from Feb. 13 through Fat Tuesday, Feb. 24.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ocean City, MD

I've never been to Ocean City, MD.

There is lots to do on the beach. There is kayaking, fishing, and parasailing to go along with the traditional beach fun. There is a Boardwalk filled with shops, arcades and street vendors. There is a “lifesaving” museum dedicated to the brave people who helped save shipwreck victims, a classic car museum, an art museum and a one room school house. There is a water park and amusement park. It seems as if there is something for every one in the family.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, February 9, 2009

car auction

I've never been to a car auction.

I have been wanting a new car for some time. Years ago my husband's uncle would go to car and wholesale auctions almost every week. He made lots of money doing this. But I never have gotten the chance to go to one. But this week, I was presented with the opportunity to buy a used car without the hassle of having to go to the auction to get a good deal. So, what with saving my money and this great opportunity, I am now the owner of an '04 Buick Rendezvous! It is in my garage and will soon be detailed!

That I'd like to see.

Penguin Encounter

I've never been to a penguin encounter.

This Saturday, Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX is offering a close up penguin encounter . For $20 you can have a behind the scenes visit with a resident penguin. You will see how food is prepared, the habitat and even see a penguin having art lessons for enrichment! This tour will be led by a on-site biologist.

That I'd like to see.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Pearland Town Center

I had never been to Pearland Town Center before.

This past week, I was able to take my kids out there. They had heard there is a Van's store out there and had been begging me to take them. We finally made it out there, it is a little ways from our house. It is located at Hwy 288 and 518 in Pearland, TX, on the west side of 288. I am not sure it is an outlet mall or just some kind of outdoor mall. It reminded me of Downtown Disney, only my daughter said with better stores! It had nearly every popular franchise my kids were interested in: Van's, Zumiez, PacSun, Journeys, Hollister, Aeropostle, and others. I said we would have to come back to do Christmas shopping this year. My son said we would be back before then!

That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Boston Celtics Game

I've never been to a Boston Celtics Game.

We are traveling to Boston next month and of course, one of our priorities is to catch a Celtics game! I have been looking for tickets that we can afford to splurge on. Right now I've settled on two pretty good choices. One is mid court up high in the balcony. The other is down low just off to the right of the goal. I have used an online 3D view finder to see what the view is like from each of these seats. I can't decide if it's better to be in the middle up high or down low. Either way, I am sure that we will enjoy our night at the Celtics game!

That I'd like to see.

Van's Store

I've never been to a Van's store.

We just learned about a Van's outlet store nearby and the kids are excited to go. Lots of styles at better prices, just what they are looking for! We did see yesterday that a Van's store is coming to our local mall. They did not have any promotional items besides the poster on the wall. That's all they need to get kids excited about their new store! Who knows, maybe my son will even get a job there.

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've never been to a Superbowl.

I hardly even watch them on TV! I do know that the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing in tonight's superbowl. I have learned about what a great guy Kurt Warner of the Cardinals is. I have learned that the little diamonds on the Steelers helmets represent three elements that when combined make up steel. I have learned that the trophy presented to the winner of the bowl is called the Vince Lomabardi. As for who wins, I don't really care. I do like that it is a good conversation piece with some of the folks I care about!

That I'd like to see.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homeschool Day at Six Flags

I've never been to Homeschool Day at Six Flags.

It's almost time to enjoy great savings for our EXCLUSIVE Home School Day. Six Flags Over Texas will be open exclusively for Home Schoolers and their families on Thursday, May 7! Season Passes welcome.

That I'd like to see.


Due to weather conditions and other circumstances, operating times and
dates of events may be canceled, delayed, or changed without notice.

No information yet on what day tickets go on sale.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

pruning day

I've never been to pruning day at a winery.

This Saturday, Jan. 24, Haak Vineyards and Winery is pruning day. Fritz Westover, the Gulf Coast regional viticulture extension associate for Texas Cooperative Extension, will be on hand for a field educational visit. He will be teaching how to properly prune and grow grapes in Texas. He will also answer questions relating to growing grapes in Texas. You can take your cuttings home with you for growing or decoration.

After pruning, you can enjoy an oyster fry. For those who don't like oysters, you can choose a fish fillet or chicken sandwich. There will be live music by the Sharks. While menu prices vary, attending the event is free.

That I'd like to see.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I've never been to an inauguration.

A boy from my son's school is in DC now to attend the inauguration tomorrow. I am sure he will have lots to tell when he gets home. The mother of one of my son's friends is also in DC to attend tomorrow's inauguration. I am sure there are thousands of people who are excited to see the event. If you did not receive one of the free tickets, and did not purchase one of those free tickets from someone who did receive one, then you can catch all the happenings on television tomorrow. Here is a schedule of some of tomorrow's events:

A viewers' guide to the inauguration coverage,0,4125457.story
(note for this page times are listed as Pacific time)

Schedule of events for Obama's inaguration
Tuesday, Jan.20, 2009 is Inauguration Day, including the swearing-in ceremony, a parade and countless inaugural balls.

Swearing-in ceremony festivities commence at 10:00 a.m. EST, 7:00 a.m. PST.

ABC 13 - Houston schedule (Central Time)

ABC13 Television schedule for Tuesday, January 20

7am - 9am: Good Morning America, Special Edition: The 2009 Inauguration
9am - 4pm: Coverage of Barack Obama's inauguration

7pm - 9pm: Neighborhood Ball: An Inaugural Celebration
9pm - 10pm: A Moment in History: The Inauguration of Barack Obama

Gates to the Inaugural Ceremony open at 8 a.m. The inaugural festivities are scheduled to start at 10 a.m. on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol.

C-Span coverage

The History Channel also has related resources

That I'd like to see.

Friday, January 16, 2009

hiking with Montucky

I've never been hiking with my fellow blogger Montucky.

This guy is amazing to me! He lives in Montana and goes hiking pretty nearly every day! I don't mean a little walk around town. I mean hiking miles and miles up and down mountains, over forest trails, through/on snow...and I think he is older than my dad! Montucky has the right idea! Forget gym memberships or the latest
diet pill, just go out for a daily hike to keep one's self in tip top condition!

That I'd like to see.

*thankfully he shares his photos nearly every day, so at least I can join him for a virtual hike*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And Then There Were None

I've never been to see And Then There Were None.

This Agatha Christie play, aka Ten Little Indians, is being performed at the Clear Creek Country Theatre from Jan. 16-Feb. 1. Since my daughter and I read the book a couple of months ago I thought it would be fun for us to get to see the play. I am looking forward to it, as are a couple of her friends who will be joining us. I hope the show sticks close to the book. It should be an enjoyable performance.

That I'd like to see.

Combat Triathlon

I've never been to the Combat Triathlon.

I am hopeful to do this triathlon this year. It is scheduled for May 23 and the swim is done in an indoor pool. I hope that will be better than swimming in the bay in March! It is a 300 yard swim, 15 mile bike ride and 5k run. I love the challenge, it's fun and good for me too. It keeps me motivated in my training (it's more fun than taking something like Lipovox) I also like that it's close to home. I am looking forward to participating in this race.

That I'd like to see.