Tuesday, September 27, 2011

paint a football field

I've never been to paint a football field.

My son just called and told me he spent a couple hours this morning helping to paint the intramural football field at his school. Sounds like fun. And best of all, he will get paid for it too!

That I'd like to see.

Monday, September 26, 2011

drive across Canada

I've never been on a drive across Canada.

I can only imagine how gorgeous that would be to see the mountains and snow. I would love to see many places if I took a drive across Canada. Toronto would be a great stop. And then I could move on to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia would be amazing stops at the end of the way.  If I went the other direction then I could see Calgary, Banff and Vancouver. There is a lot to see if I ever do make it on a drive across Canada. Now if on this drive I encountered any car problems (as has happened on a past trip to Yellowstone) I would know just where to look for help in finding the parts I would need-http://www.canadapost.ca/shopper/.

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

half iron man

I've never been to a half iron man race.

This coming weekend my husband will do his first half iron man triathlon. It is the last step in the road to his full ironman race! I will be volunteering at this next race. I think it should be a lot of fun and a great challenge to all involved. I hope my husband does his best and meets all his goals!

 That I'd like to see.

buy a skin

I've never been to buy a skin.

A skin for an electronic device. My son was showing us his new laptap, a real beauty! I asked him if he wants a skin for it. While not necessary I guess a skin, phone case, ipod nano case, or mini speaker case is a good investment for these electronic devices to keep them in good shape and from getting scratched. I will probably add a skin case to his Christmas list now.

That I'd like to see.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Braj Al Arab

I've never been to the Buraj Al Arab hotel.

I saw a program on Dubai today that again made me wish I could afford to visit. I saw the Burj Al Arab hotel, the most famous and luxurious hotel in Dubai. They say inside is like looking down from inside a kaleidoscope. The furnishings are elegant. The decor is classy. The food is sumptuous. They say this hotel is a seven star.

That I'd like to see.

paint the garage floor

I've never been to paint the garage floor.

Though we had thought about it years ago. And I do wish we had done it. It seems like it would be simple enough and would be a good idea. It would certainly look better and those garage floor epoxy coverings are great for providing slip resistance.

That I'd like to see.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

tattoo expo

I've never been to a tattoo expo.

I saw a billboard while driving advertising the upcoming tattoo expo in Houston, TX Sept 16-18. I could not even imagine what a tattoo expo entails. It is basically a time to see tattoo designs, a beer party and as the website boasts, a "skin show off party". While tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream I guess there are more and more people interested. And many more who want to show off their tattos/body art.

That I'd like to see.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fulshear Tx

I had never been to Fulshear, TX before.

I had heard that many cyclists like to cycle to this small Texas town and today I was one of them. I learned that Fulshear is of the plots of land allotted to one of the original Old Three Hundred settlers that Sam Houston granted land to. Today, Fulshear offers Market Days and Movie nights and a great locale for cyclists!

That I'd like to see.

celebrity wedding

I've never been to a celebrity wedding.

So if I was to go, I am sure that I would be "wowed" by all the glamor that takes place at one of these events. I know that many everyday folks are trying to recreate celebrity wedding trends in their own weddings. I have heard that "landscaping" or bringing the outdoors into the wedding as part of the decor is in with celebs. I know that personalized gifts that represent the couple is an in thing. I even heard that groom's cakes are in-something I have seen done at nearly every wedding I've ever attended! And now, if one of the newest trends for celebs could be to stay committed to make the marriage work, to make it last....

That I'd like to see.