Thursday, May 31, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

I've never been to see Snow White and the Huntsman.

This movie opens tomorrow and I just might want to see it. This is not the demure Snow White that some may picture in the fairy tale. This Snow White apparently is trained by the Huntsman who was dispatched to kill her. While she may still be the fairest in the land, this little lady seemingly knows how to take care of herself. Right on the heels of another empowering female lead in Katniss (of the Hunger Games) it looks like teen girls are getting some empowering role models this yer.

That I'd like to see.

Raleigh, NC

I've never been to Raleigh, NC.

While I've never visited I have read that there are many family friendly events to choose from in Raleigh. There are museums, sporting events, shopping, concerts and historic sites to visit. I saw that there are thirty FREE attractions within the city from museums, art events, African American heritage to bug-fest and the brewing company. I hear it's also a great place to live. Whether you are a  raleigh nc cpa firm, a teacher, or just a tourist passing through, Raleigh sounds like a nice place to visit.

 That I'd like to see.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

outdoor hotel suites

I've never been to an outdoor hotel suite.

From canyons in Utah, to the outback in Australia, deserts or plains in Africa, there are nine hot new outdoor hotel suites. While I would love to visit any of these places I think I would prefer to have the safety and security that walls and a locking door give me.

 That I'd like to see.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fiesta Texas Water Park

I had never been to Fiesta Texas Water Park before.

But we went this weekend. The first weekend it was open for the season. It was nice to cool off in the water after being in the hot amusement park. And the water slide was fun. But....I am not a fan of swimming with hundreds of people. At least not in this setting. The lazy river and the wave pool were dirty! And it was so crowded! I have bruises and scrapes on my legs, I think from this crowded water park! time we go, I will wait til it is not opening weekend.

That I'd like to see.

Ironman Louisville

I've never been to Ironman Louisville.

If I ever decide to do an Ironman race, that is one of the two I would consider. I have heard it's a good one, though I am not used to a mountainous environment so it would take some serious hill work training for me. I do think though it would be beautiful scenery and a pleasant environment. If I do decide to do this race, I will see if there is any real estate in louisville ky to rent for the week or so that we would stay. Much better than staying that long in a hotel!

That I'd like to see.