Tuesday, August 30, 2011

buy a toilet

I've never been to buy a toilet.

I am hoping to do that this weekend though! My daughter has been waiting for her brother to go to college so she can remodel the bathroom, making it her own! She has written us a list, some of what we can do and some that we can't. But top of her list includes a new toilet and a new tub! So, while we can't do it all, I do hope to get a new toilet this weekend.

 That I'd like to see.

fire started by heat

I've never been to see a fire started by heat.

When we dropped our son off at college we were told that a fire had broken out a week before on the north side of town from the extreme heat. It seems that all of us in our region are experiencing record heat and drought conditions. I know that our local area has set a record of over 40 consecutive days in the triple digit temperatures. While I have not seen any fires locally, I know folks are joking about the heat, saying things like there is no need for exercise or weight loss pills since now you can lose weight just by walking to the car!

 That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spring Creek Barbecue

I had never been to Spring Creek Barbecue before.

But tonight we used a gift card we had received from there. My daughter is hoping to get a job there after the first of the year (she has already had an informal interview and the guy said to come back in January.) While I was not crazy about the food, I do like the atmosphere and the incentives they give to student workers. They even give large bonuses to high school students who keep As and Bs on their semester report cards! I sure hope my daughter gets that job!

That I'd like to see.

Anichini Linens

I've never been to purchase Anichini Linens.

I had honestly never heard of the luxury sheets before. But seeing these has put a new perspective on linens for me. When my son and his roommate moved into the dorm last week, the roommate did not have any sheets. Luckily for him, my son had an extra set. Of course, they are not the luxuriant  anichini linens. But maybe when these guys graduate, they will be able to buy some fine linens like these!

 That I'd like to see.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Choice Priviliges

I had never been to Choice Privileges before.

At least I thought I had not. Last night I came across this program while looking to book a hotel room. You can earn privileges when you stay at hotels including Comfort Inn and Suites, Quality Inn, Sleep Inn and several more. You can save money when you book your room in advance. The program is free to join.

That I'd like to see.