Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Turn About Ranch

I've never been to Turn About Ranch.

This working ranch sounds like a great place for teens to spend some time relearning some tools that will help them deal with problems and family issues in positive ways. I read through the website and really like lots of what I read. The kids come in and from the get go have to earn all privileges, including pillows and showers all the way to leisure time and activities! Once they get past the initial stage, they also attend classes which will later transfer back to their home school. I like how the ranch uses Christian ideals as a foundation. I also really like that the ranch employs older adults as mentors as opposed to college aged kids. Teens that are struggling with authority and parents don't need to turn only to older teens. They need to learn to value the adults in their lives. And I think it's smart that Turn About Ranch knows and implements this. Their program runs an average of 100 days. There are loans available for families who need them.

That I'd like to see.

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