Friday, October 16, 2009

In School Suspension

I've never been to In School Suspension.

Last night however, my daughter was threatened with this consequence for "inappropriate behavior"!

I let her attend a local football game last night. She was going to meet a friend and sit with her through the game. My son was going to arrive later and meet his sister and bring her home. Luckily I waited in the parking lot to make sure my daughter met up with her friend. She texted to tell me that they would not let her sit on that side of the stadium (I still don’t know why, I guess because she was wearing a shirt for the other team?!) and told her that if she did go sit on that side, she would be given in-school suspension!! WHAT???!!! A kid will get ISS for sitting on the “wrong side of the stadium”? I cannot even believe that! I was told that this is to prevent kids from causing trouble! What? If a kid wants to cause trouble, he will find a way, no matter what rules you put into play.

I was very angry by all that but we got it worked out with help from a nice gate attendant who told the other attendant to let my daughter in on that side. My son said it was lucky he was not there. He says he would have lit into anyone, the teacher, the attendant, the cop and he would have ended up with ISS! All for wanting to sit with a friend from a different school! Well, I am glad that neither of my kids ended up in trouble, and I hope it stays that way!

That I'd like to see.

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