Tuesday, October 5, 2010

race for the cure

I had never been to the Race for the Cure before.

This past weekend, we participated in our city's local Race for the Cure in the effort to raise money for breast cancer awareness and local breast cancer health care. We were looking forward to the event and knew it was a big deal. But we were nowhere prepared for the number of people who took part in the event! There were thousands of folks involved. The run was more of a walk and the walk was more of a stroll. Even getting there had traffic backed up for miles! I had to go to the bathroom before we ever even arrived. When I got the chance to stand in a long line for port-a-potties, due to the large crowds I opted to wait. By the time I finally got the chance to find a restroom (four hours later!) I knew I did not need a colon cleansing pill! I am happy though that there were so many people involved.

That I'd like to see.

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