Monday, December 27, 2010

MacKenzie River Pizza Co.

I had never been to MacKenzie River Pizza Co. before.

We tried this place out our first night in Bozeman, MT. YUM! We are pizza lovers and fell in love with this place on our first visit. The pizza is really good and I loved that I could get a veggie pizza just the way I like it! And we all enjoyed the fact that we could do our pizzas half and half so we got to try more different varieties that way.

I decided I wanted to eat there again on my birthday. While the place was more crowded and slower in getting the food out, the pizza was still really good. I mentioned that I thought it was the best we'd ever had. My son reminded us of the Italian pizzeria we ate at in Boston. I admit it was better, but this is a close second.

Then my daughter suggested we travel around and find all the best pizza spots in the country...

That I'd like to see.

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