Monday, February 18, 2013

crippled ship

I've never been on a crippled ship before.

 Living not too far from the port of Galveston, you can imagine there was lots of talk about the crippled ship Triumph in our area. I've heard conflicting stories as to just how nightmarish the time on board was. While everyone agrees that it was not the trip they imagined, I have heard numerous times that the crew did do the best they could in the given circumstances. I do feel sorry for all the folks on board, crew and passengers alike. I wonder just how they got all their gear home from Alabama. What about all those folks who had packed extra items for their time away-things like scuba gear, equestrian riding apparel, hiking gear, golf equipment or other specialty items they might have wanted for their adventure abroad. Whatever happened I know that each person's tale is similar yet unique. I do hope that all those on board are safe and well reimbursed for their misadventure...

 That I'd like to see.

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