Friday, May 3, 2013

UT Austin

I had never been to UT Austin before.

 I took my daughter to visit this week to see if she could see herself there for her university years. The campus is big-about 340 acres. The student population is large-nearly 50,000. And there is a lot going on. But the visit was nice. We learned a lot about how large schools can help students "shrink" their experience down. For example, there is of course orientation. But they also offer smaller communities that you can meet with before school starts so that you know a few folks going into those large classes of 250-400. They also offer dorm communities in line with those small community members. Perfect for those needing a place to belong, folks to know, and study groups. We also learned about the network of almuni and how that works to serve all students-getting jobs, taken care of in a new community, etc. So if my daughter does decide on UT I know she will not only get a good education but have a good background of support.

 That I'd like to see.

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