Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thrive Across America

I had never been part of Thrive Across America before.

This is a fitness program our company is involved in, competing against others within our company. It sounded like fun and since I am in training for triathlons this year, I knew I would be fulfilling nearly daily training. So I gathered my gear: running shoes, shoe pads, socks, running shorts, cycling shorts, running and cycling shirts, even a new cycling jersey with our company's name, and a new hat or two. Now I am ready to go and our team has stayed fairly consistent. While we have dropped in the ratings we are still above the half way mark, so I say this is not too bad, especially since we have an injured team member. We even organized a kickball game that was fun for all involved! While we may not win the competition, I am happy that we have all stayed healthy and active and encouraged each other to do so. And I hope we continue to do so.

 That I'd like to see.

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