Monday, July 29, 2013

Texas City Dike

I had never been to the Texas City Dike before.

It is a short drive from my home and I had heard of it before but had never ventured over to check it out. The original dike was destroyed in Hurricane Ike and closed for two years. It has since reopened and is a great recreational site for many water lovers in the area. The dike itself is about four miles long. There is fishing available all along both sides of the dike. At the far end is a beach area where folks can hang out on the sand and swim. There are not really any waves on the beach area but looks like a nice place to play and relax. The dike is open 24 hours and requires a $5 entry fee for non-residents on Fri-Sun during the summer; weekdays are free.

Just before entering the dike there is a with a walking trail. There is also a road running perpendicular to the dike called Skyline Drive which folks can drive along for more fishing spaces. It is also accessible to runners and cyclists.

I hope to get back down to the dike to practice some open water swimming before my next event.

That I'd like to see.

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