Monday, May 16, 2011

in a Renaissance Fair

I've never been part of a Renaissance Fair.

So when I read this little summary about a boy who is involved, I was intrigued:

Drakmar on HBO
Author: Abdul Sanford

I love sitting down in my favorite couch and watching HBO on my TV from I especially love the documentaries that come out on this particular channel. It's fun to watch the different things that some people document and I love recording some of the films onto DVD so that I can watch them again at a later time. One of my favorite HBO documentaries has to be one that is called Drakmar. This particular film aired a few years ago and it's one that has touched my heart so much that I am desperately trying to find it on DVD so that I can actually purchase it.

The film is based on a real-life boy who lives in California. He is somewhat of a loner and spends a lot of time by himself. He actually participates in something that involves medieval life that takes place. He goes on tournaments and goes to functions where Renaissance fairs are being held. After watching the film, I actually wanted to go out to California in order to see how this boy really lives. I'm very interested in Renaissance fairs now that I know about them. I would absolutely love to find one in my area so that I can go to it on a regular basis when it is being held in the warmer months of the year.

That I'd like to see.

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