Wednesday, March 25, 2009

door museum

I've never been to a door museum.

I found two references to door museums online. One is just a photo but the other is a blog that describes a door museum outside of Olympus. I could not find a website for it but the blog in reference does a pretty good job of describing it. It sounds fascinating! You are greeted at the front by five different types of doors, a rotating door, a motion-sensor door, a door from an old house, a round door with a knob right in the middle, and in the middle a medieval portcullis.

As you enter you can choose which door you want to go through to explore the various places they lead you to. There are real doors, replica doors and doors from stories. There is even a backless wardrobe. You will also discover sliding doors, trapdoors, vehicle doors, and airlocks. I wonder if they have to use discount door hardware replacements very often, what with all the hands on!

Each door leads you into a fascinating place. There is even a door leading you to outer space!

That I'd like to see.

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silken said...

here is a link to the blog mentioned in the above post