Monday, December 7, 2009

The Chronicles of Narnia Exhibit

I had never been to The Chronicles of Narnia Exhibit.

Though I have long wished of getting into Narnia! The exhibit is as close as I've been able to come. Last Monday we began our journey at the attic. First you see a small collection of some of C.S. Lewis' books and things. Then, the doors to the attic open. You find yourself in a small room with stained glass. You can hear the thunderstorm and see the rain dripping down the panes. And of course in front of you is the Wardrobe. As the doors to the wardrobe swung open I began tearing up...

I loved walking through the wardrobe doors between the fur coats (though in my imagination it would have been a bit different.) Seeing the lamppost with the snow falling down was the epitome of stepping into Narnia. Though I never saw a funny little creature with a red scarf carrying an umbrella and packages....

The exhibit is mostly filled with things from the movie. It is interesting and I enjoyed seeing the items like the White Witch's robe and ice crowns. The cold throne was fun for the kids. I enjoyed learning how Lewis had read Einstein's ideas to weave the passing of time throughout his stories. The kids got to see a catapult demonstration and find out how heavy armor might have been. I enjoyed walking under the swords of the centaurs up to the throne. There were some fun things to see. It was definitely worth the group price of $5 per person. As for the regular price of $25 per person, I think it is a bit steep for the collection (or any exhibit for that matter!) It is a fun exhibit for any Narnia enthusiast to view.

That I'd like to see.

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