Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PayPerPost Takes Me To the Bank

I've never been to the bank with PayPerPost.

But after this month, that is all about to change! Who knew that making money with blog marketing could be so easy?!

I began my little blogging experiement around four months ago. I had heard that there were advertisers who were willing to pay bloggers to write ads for their products and services and put these ads in their own blogs. I thought that sounded easy and something I'd like to try. So I began consistently keeping my blogs.

I signed up with one blog ad company that would take my blogs while they were still fairly new. I did not get many offers from them, but took the ones I could get. After a while, the offers got a little more often.

Then, when my blogs got to be three months old, with twenty posts, they were ready for PayPerPost! This was what I'd been waiting for! With PayPerPost you can register one blog at a time. You can then go to the open opportunities and choose the offers that fit with your blog. There are many offers available. Although small, new blogs do not qualify for all of them, it is a great place to make a few bucks off a blog.

I have written ads for everything from credit cards to skateboard decks and DJ services. It is not hard to do. Some things I have had to learn about, but it is fairly simple and straight-forward to do so. If a post is rejected, PayPerPost sends an email telling what needs to be done to fix it, so you have a second chance to fix any mistakes that need to be changed.

So far, after almost a month, I have a total of $115.32 that will be transferred to my account from PayPerPost. That may not be a lot of money, but to me it seems like a great deal! And all for a few hours of typing in my blog-something I was going to do anyway! That $115.32 is growing each day, and I can't wait til it is transferred into my account. Right now, I think I'll leave it in there. Maybe it will be the start of a "nest egg" for our next trip to Disney!

That I'd like to see.

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