Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Into a Volcano

I've never been into a volcano.

But today I got to take a virtual tour inside of one led by volcanologist Donna O'Meara. We read her book Into The Volcano and learned of her venture to living her passion of studying volcanoes. Her book is full of great photos that she has taken. She had my kids captivated with her descriptive story of some of her adventures studying certain volcanoes, including Kilauea and Stromboli. She has climbed at least 100 erupting volcanoes. Her and her husband were even married on some of the newest land on earth (at that time) wearing tennis shoes for a quick escape from the heat radiating up!

That I'd like to see.


Heather Cowper said...

Hi Silken - could you let me know where you saw the article about Tunguruha erupting again? I'm planning to write a post on my time 'sleeping under a smoking volcano' You can find my e-mail on my profile. Many Thanks


silken said...

heather, I cannot find the original article I read. it was one that was linked to my homepage news that day. I think it was Reuter's science or AP science. Here is one from AP that may help.


and one clip here:


I also found these images in a slide show.


there are also apparently some videos on youtube...

sorry I wasn't much help. thanks for stopping by though. I would love to read your article on your night under the volcano! I will be watching for it

Heather Cowper said...

Thanks Silken

I've now made my post about sleeping under a smoking Volcano. Check it out at


silken said...

nice story over there heather. very cool, but a little unnerving I would think!